Advanced Motion Control and Sensing for Intelligent Vehicles Book

Advanced Motion Control and Sensing for Intelligent Vehicles

  • Author : Li Li
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Release Date : 2007-11-24
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 448
  • ISBN 10 : 9780387444093

Advanced Motion Control and Sensing for Intelligent Vehicles Excerpt :

This book provides the latest information in intelligent vehicle control and intelligent transportation. Detailed discussions of vehicle dynamics and ground-vehicle interactions are provided for the modeling, simulation and control of vehicles. It includes an extensive review of past and current research achievements in the intelligent vehicle motion control and sensory field, and the book provides a careful assessment of future developments.

Advanced Motion Control and Sensing for Intelligent Vehicles Book

Advanced Motion Control and Sensing for Intelligent Vehicles

  • Author : Li Li Li
  • Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date : 2017-08-08
  • Genre: Uncategoriezed
  • Pages : 700
  • ISBN 10 : 1548995347

Advanced Motion Control and Sensing for Intelligent Vehicles Excerpt :

Advanced Motion Control and Sensing for Intelligent Vehicles By Li Li

Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles Book

Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles

  • Author : Hong Cheng
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Release Date : 2011-11-15
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages : 154
  • ISBN 10 : 1447122801

Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles Excerpt :

This important text/reference presents state-of-the-art research on intelligent vehicles, covering not only topics of object/obstacle detection and recognition, but also aspects of vehicle motion control. With an emphasis on both high-level concepts, and practical detail, the text links theory, algorithms, and issues of hardware and software implementation in intelligent vehicle research. Topics and features: presents a thorough introduction to the development and latest progress in intelligent vehicle research, and proposes a basic framework; provides detection and tracking algorithms for structured and unstructured roads, as well as on-road vehicle detection and tracking algorithms using boosted Gabor features; discusses an approach for multiple sensor-based multiple-object tracking, in addition to an integrated DGPS/IMU positioning approach; examines a vehicle navigation approach using global views; introduces algorithms for lateral and longitudinal vehicle motion control.

PRICAI 2019  Trends in Artificial Intelligence Book

PRICAI 2019 Trends in Artificial Intelligence

  • Author : Abhaya C. Nayak
  • Publisher : Springer Nature
  • Release Date : 2019-08-22
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages : 761
  • ISBN 10 : 9783030298944

PRICAI 2019 Trends in Artificial Intelligence Excerpt :

This three-volume set LNAI 11670, LNAI 11671, and LNAI 11672 constitutes the thoroughly refereed proceedings of the 16th Pacific Rim Conference on Artificial Intelligence, PRICAI 2019, held in Cuvu, Yanuca Island, Fiji, in August 2019. The 111 full papers and 13 short papers presented in these volumes were carefully reviewed and selected from 265 submissions. PRICAI covers a wide range of topics such as AI theories, technologies and their applications in the areas of social and economic importance for countries in the Pacific Rim.

Engineering Applications for New Materials and Technologies Book

Engineering Applications for New Materials and Technologies

  • Author : Andreas Öchsner
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release Date : 2018-01-25
  • Genre: Science
  • Pages : 661
  • ISBN 10 : 9783319726977

Engineering Applications for New Materials and Technologies Excerpt :

This book discusses the expertise, skills, and techniques needed for the development of new materials and technologies. It focuses on finite element and finite volume methods that are used for engineering simulations, and present many state-of-the-art applications and advances to highlight these methods’ importance. For example, modern joining technologies can be used to fabricate new compound or composite materials, even those formed from dissimilar component materials. These composite materials are often exposed to harsh environments, must deliver specific characteristics, and are primarily used in automotive and marine technologies, i.e., ships, amphibious vehicles, docks, offshore structures, and even robots. To achieve the desired material performance, computer-based engineering tools are widely used for simulation, data evaluation, and design processes.

Systems Engineering in Research and Industrial Practice Book

Systems Engineering in Research and Industrial Practice

  • Author : Josip Stjepandić
  • Publisher : Springer Nature
  • Release Date : 2019-10-31
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 420
  • ISBN 10 : 9783030333126

Systems Engineering in Research and Industrial Practice Excerpt :

This book details the foundations, new developments and methods, applications, and current challenges of systems engineering (SE). It provides key insights into SE as a concept and as an approach based on the holistic view on the entire lifecycle (requirements, design, production, and exploitation) of complex engineering systems, such as spacecraft, aircraft, power plants, and ships. Written by leading international experts, the book describes the achievements of the holistic, transdisciplinary approach of SE as state of the art both in research and practice using case study examples from originating at universities and companies such as Airbus, BAE Systems, BMW, Boeing, and COMAC. The reader obtains a comprehensive insight into the still existing challenges of the concept of SE today and the various forms in which SE is applied in a variety of areas.

AMTIL the Source Book

AMTIL the Source

  • Author : Peter Lambeck
  • Publisher : AMTIL
  • Release Date : 2009
  • Genre: Manufactures
  • Pages : 296
  • ISBN 10 : 9780646510996

AMTIL the Source Excerpt :

Machinery  Materials Science and Engineering Applications  MMSE2011 Book

Machinery Materials Science and Engineering Applications MMSE2011

  • Author : Quan Jie Gao
  • Publisher : Trans Tech Publications Ltd
  • Release Date : 2011-04-19
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 1268
  • ISBN 10 : 9783038135999

Machinery Materials Science and Engineering Applications MMSE2011 Excerpt :

Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS). The purpose of this special collection was to strengthen national academic exchanges and cooperation in the field, to promote the rapid development of machinery, materials science and engineering applications, to improve China's machinery, materials science and engineering in the sense of academic status and international influence and to play an active role in reducing the distance between domestic and world-class norms. In accomplishing this, the present book succeeds admirably.

Advanced Vehicle Control Book

Advanced Vehicle Control

  • Author : Johannes Edelmann
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release Date : 2016-12-19
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 726
  • ISBN 10 : 9781351966719

Advanced Vehicle Control Excerpt :

The AVEC symposium is a leading international conference in the fields of vehicle dynamics and advanced vehicle control, bringing together scientists and engineers from academia and automotive industry. The first symposium was held in 1992 in Yokohama, Japan. Since then, biennial AVEC symposia have been established internationally and have considerably contributed to the progress of technology in automotive research and development. In 2016 the 13th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control (AVEC’16) was held in Munich, Germany, from 13th to 16th of September 2016. The symposium was hosted by the Munich University of Applied Sciences. AVEC’16 puts a special focus on automatic driving, autonomous driving functions and driver assist systems, integrated control of interacting control systems, controlled suspension systems, active wheel torque distribution, and vehicle state and parameter estimation. 132 papers were presented at the symposium and are published in these proceedings as full paper contributions. The papers review the latest research developments and practical applications in highly relevant areas of vehicle control, and may serve as a reference for researchers and engineers.

Motion Control Book
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Motion Control

  • Author : Federico Casolo
  • Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
  • Release Date : 2010-01-01
  • Genre: Science
  • Pages : 592
  • ISBN 10 : 9789537619558

Motion Control Excerpt :

The book reveals many different aspects of motion control and a wide multiplicity of approaches to the problem as well. Despite the number of examples, however, this volume is not meant to be exhaustive: it intends to offer some original insights for all researchers who will hopefully make their experience available for a forthcoming publication on the subject.

Safe  Autonomous and Intelligent Vehicles Book

Safe Autonomous and Intelligent Vehicles

  • Author : Huafeng Yu
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release Date : 2018-11-14
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 204
  • ISBN 10 : 9783319973012

Safe Autonomous and Intelligent Vehicles Excerpt :

This book covers the start-of-the-art research and development for the emerging area of autonomous and intelligent systems. In particular, the authors emphasize design and validation methodologies to address the grand challenges related to safety. This book offers a holistic view of a broad range of technical aspects (including perception, localization and navigation, motion control, etc.) and application domains (including automobile, aerospace, etc.), presents major challenges and discusses possible solutions.

Advanced Robotics   Intelligent Machines Book
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Advanced Robotics Intelligent Machines

  • Author : Institution of Electrical Engineers
  • Publisher : IET
  • Release Date : 1996
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 374
  • ISBN 10 : 0852968531

Advanced Robotics Intelligent Machines Excerpt :

Advanced robotics' describes the use of sensor-based robotic devices which exploit powerful computers to achieve the high levels of functionality that begin to mimic intelligent human behaviour. The object of this book is to summarise developments in the base technologies, survey recent applications and highlight new advanced concepts which will influence future progress. I. Technologies (Recent developments in advanced robotics and intelligent systems; Machine intelligence - architectures, controllers and applications; Advanced control systems for robotic arms; Intelligent gripping systems; Force feedback control in robots applied to decommissioning; Tele-presence control of robots; Sensing and sensor management for planning); II Applications (Robotics in the nuclear industry; Robots in surgery; Intelligent autonomous systems for cars; Walking machine technology; Handling of flexible materials in automation; Robotics in food manufacturing; Robotic milking; Error-free semiconductor wafer handling); III Advanced concepts and procedures (The concept of robot society and its utilisation; Miniature and microrobotics; Characteristics of robot behavior; A behaviour synthesis architecture for co-operant mobile robots; Co-operant behaviour in multiple manipulators; Neural networks in automation procedures; Parallel processing, neural networks and genetic algorithms for real-time robot control); Index.

Stochastic Evolutions of Dynamic Traffic Flow Book

Stochastic Evolutions of Dynamic Traffic Flow

  • Author : Xiqun (Michael) Chen
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release Date : 2014-09-18
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 193
  • ISBN 10 : 9783662445723

Stochastic Evolutions of Dynamic Traffic Flow Excerpt :

This book reveals the underlying mechanisms of complexity and stochastic evolutions of traffic flows. Using Eulerian and Lagrangian measurements, the authors propose lognormal headway/spacing/velocity distributions and subsequently develop a Markov car-following model to describe drivers’ random choices concerning headways/spacings, putting forward a stochastic fundamental diagram model for wide scattering flow-density points. In the context of highway onramp bottlenecks, the authors present a traffic flow breakdown probability model and spatial-temporal queuing model to improve the stability and reliability of road traffic flows. This book is intended for researchers and graduate students in the fields of transportation engineering and civil engineering.

Advanced Driver Intention Inference Book

Advanced Driver Intention Inference

  • Author : Yang Xing
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Release Date : 2020-03-15
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 258
  • ISBN 10 : 9780128191149

Advanced Driver Intention Inference Excerpt :

Advanced Driver Intention Inference: Theory and Design describes one of the most important function for future ADAS, namely, the driver intention inference. The book contains the state-of-art knowledge on the construction of driver intention inference system, providing a better understanding on how the human driver intention mechanism will contribute to a more naturalistic on-board decision system for automated vehicles. Features examples of using machine learning/deep learning to build industry products Depicts future trends for driver behavior detection and driver intention inference Discuss traffic context perception techniques that predict driver intentions such as Lidar and GPS

Complex  Intelligent  and Software Intensive Systems Book

Complex Intelligent and Software Intensive Systems

  • Author : Leonard Barolli
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release Date : 2018-06-18
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 1132
  • ISBN 10 : 9783319936598

Complex Intelligent and Software Intensive Systems Excerpt :

This book provides a platform of scientific interaction between the three challenging and closely linked areas of ICT-enabled-application research and development: software intensive systems, complex systems and intelligent systems. Software intensive systems strongly interact with other systems, sensors, actuators, devices, other software systems and users. More and more domains are using software intensive systems, e.g. automotive and telecommunication systems, embedded systems in general, industrial automation systems and business applications. Moreover, web services offer a new platform for enabling software intensive systems. Complex systems research is focused on the overall understanding of systems rather than their components. Complex systems are characterized by the changing environments in which they interact. They evolve and adapt through internal and external dynamic interactions. The development of intelligent systems and agents, which are increasingly characterized by their use of ontologies and their logical foundations, offer impulses for both software intensive systems and complex systems. Recent research in the field of intelligent systems, robotics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and cognitive sciences are vital for the future development and innovation of software intensive and complex systems.