Still Singing  Somehow the Songs Book

Still Singing Somehow the Songs

  • Author : Rob Rideout
  • Publisher : Rob Rideout
  • Release Date : 2010-11-19
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Pages : 42
  • ISBN 10 : 9781453897935

Still Singing Somehow the Songs Excerpt :

As a singer/songwriter, I've always viewed song lyrics as a form of poetry- poetry that has the potential to touch people's heart-felt feelings and emotions, with the help of a melody, voice and instruments. Here is my poetic collection of song lyrics to accompany my inspirational memoir Still Singing, Somehow. For those who have read my personal odyssey, these lyrics will add another dimension, and much insight, into many of the various stories and personal feelings expressed in the book.

Singing in the Sky Book

Singing in the Sky

  • Author : S. K. Sigsworth
  • Publisher : Troubador Publishing Ltd
  • Release Date : 2018-01-09
  • Genre: Juvenile Fiction
  • Pages : 184
  • ISBN 10 : 9781788039604

Singing in the Sky Excerpt :

Set in late 1950’s Lancashire, the book follows the lives of children who don’t have mobiles, television, or homework, but they do have freedom after school, when they join their friends in a secret society. They start to look for adventures, but soon the adventures come looking for them. The famous pendle witches of centuries ago live just a few miles away. Could it be that their descendants are now plotting evil deeds right here where they live? Or could the truth turn out to be even more sinister, putting the children in serious danger? Singing in the Sky is a delightful adventure book for children and young adults, but grandparents and other mature readers can enjoy reliving their memories of the school playground with its games, lore and fun. In the book, post-war austerity is tempered with optimism, small treats are treasured and strong friendships forged. The story illustrates how much our lives have changed, yet also shows that our basic values haven’t changed at all. This is an exciting historical adventure story that will capture children's imaginations, and transport them to a time without technology.

The Morning Dove Still Sings Book

The Morning Dove Still Sings

  • Author : E. Randolph Hawthorne
  • Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
  • Release Date : 2009-12
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Pages : 94
  • ISBN 10 : 9781434995131

The Morning Dove Still Sings Excerpt :

Coyotes Still Sing in My Valley Book
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Coyotes Still Sing in My Valley

  • Author : Ross W. Wein
  • Publisher : Spotted Cow Press
  • Release Date : 2006
  • Genre: Biodiversity conservation
  • Pages : 394
  • ISBN 10 : 9780973386486

Coyotes Still Sing in My Valley Excerpt :

Still Sing Book

Still Sing

  • Author : Carmine Giordano
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Release Date : 2018-02-22
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Pages : 244
  • ISBN 10 : 9781984510235

Still Sing Excerpt :

Still Sing is a collection of poems viewing human beings as the cosmos become aware of itself. They celebrate the resilience of men and women in facing their solitary existence in the universe with courage, humor. and determination despite their physical, emotional. and intellectual limitations. The author suggests that total and successful human communication is ultimately not possible, and that in the end, one is left with only aural and verbal symbols to express the profound mysteries of existence. He expresses his amazement that despite that handicap, we continue to sing!

Speak Like Singing Book
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Speak Like Singing

  • Author : Kenneth Lincoln
  • Publisher : UNM Press
  • Release Date : 2007
  • Genre: Literary Criticism
  • Pages : 388
  • ISBN 10 : 0826341705

Speak Like Singing Excerpt :

"Speak Like Singing" honors talk-song visions for all relatives and seeks to plumb, if not to reconcile, Native and American poetics, tribal chorus, and solitary vision.

Do the Birds Still Sing in Hell    He escaped over 200 times from a notorious German prison camp to see the girl he loved  This is the incredible true story of Horace Greasley Book

Do the Birds Still Sing in Hell He escaped over 200 times from a notorious German prison camp to see the girl he loved This is the incredible true story of Horace Greasley

  • Author : Horace Greasley
  • Publisher : Kings Road Publishing
  • Release Date : 2013-05-06
  • Genre: Biography & Autobiography
  • Pages : 300
  • ISBN 10 : 9781782196419

Do the Birds Still Sing in Hell He escaped over 200 times from a notorious German prison camp to see the girl he loved This is the incredible true story of Horace Greasley Excerpt :

Horace 'Jim' Greasley was 20 years old in the spring of 1939 when Adolf Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia and latterly Poland. There had been whispers and murmurs of discontent from certain quarters and the British government began to prepare for the inevitable war. After seven weeks training with the 2nd/5th Battalion Leicester, he found himself facing the might of the German army in a muddy field south of Cherbourg, in Northern France, with just thirty rounds of ammunition in his weapon pouch. Horace's war didn't last long. He was taken prisoner on 25th May 1940 and forced to endure a ten week march across France and Belgium en-route to Holland. Horace survived...barely... Many of his fellow comrades were not so fortunate. Falling by the side of the road through sheer exhaustion and malnourishment meant a bullet through the back of the head and the corpse left to rot. After a three day train journey without food and water, Horace found himself incarcerated in a prison camp in Poland. It was there he embarked on an incredible love affair with a German girl interpreting for his captors. He experienced the sweet taste of freedom each time he escaped to see her, yet incredibly he made his way back into the camp each time, sometimes two, three times every week. He brought food back to his fellow prisoners to supplement their meager rations. He broke out of the camp over two hundred times and towards the end of the war even managed to bring radio parts back in. The BBC news would be delivered daily to over 3,000 prisoners. This is an incredible tale of one man's adversity and defiance of the German nation. ?

Sing with Me Book

Sing with Me

  • Author : Michael Spice
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Release Date : 2014-01-07
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages : 821
  • ISBN 10 : 9781491843970

Sing with Me Excerpt :

In Sing With Me, Carlisle Jacobson begins a teaching career in Washington, D.C., learning as much as he is teaching. Through personal experiences, he learns most youths dont have the advantages he enjoyed in the horse country of northern Virginiaonly a day-trip away from Washington but worlds away from its streets plagued by crime and nearly cut off from hopeas a child of privilege and wealth, with slave owners of the antebellum south in his ancestry. A hunting enthusiast since he was young, Carlisle still is alarmed to learn firearms are used frequently in D.C. for hunting down other people, including one of his student's and a co-worker. His most frequent teacher in learning he has a lot to learn is Lucia Sanspeur, a black woman with ancestry that extends to Colonial era settlers on the Delaware River, including a man who performed a heroic mission during the Revolutionary War despite the white militia leaders disdain for his skills and initiative. Lucias voice captivates Carlisle from their first encounter and her ideas propel him toward understanding that he looks at the world and other people through a sense of white wealth and privilege. When he experiences first-hand the violence and crime that victimize many in the area daily, Carlisles education moves into advanced studies but also comes to nearly a complete stop.

Sing Me Back Home Book

Sing Me Back Home

  • Author : Bill C. Malone
  • Publisher : University of Oklahoma Press
  • Release Date : 2017-02-17
  • Genre: Music
  • Pages : 368
  • ISBN 10 : 9780806158501

Sing Me Back Home Excerpt :

For over fifty years, Bill C. Malone has researched and written about the history of country music. Today he is celebrated as the foremost authority on this distinctly American genre. This new collection brings together his significant article-length work from a variety of sources, including essays, book chapters, and record liner notes. Sing Me Back Home distills a lifetime of thinking about country and southern roots music. Malone offers the heartfelt story of his own working-class upbringing in rural East Texas, recounting how in 1939 his family’s first radio, a battery-powered Philco, introduced him to hillbilly music and how, years later, he went on to become a scholar in the field before the field formally existed. Drawing on a hundred years of southern roots music history, Malone assesses the contributions of artists such as William S. Hays, Albert Brumley, Joe Thompson, Jimmie Rodgers, Johnny Gimble, and Elvis Presley. He also explores the intricate relationships between black and white music styles, gospel and secular traditions, and pop, folk, and country music. Author of many books, Malone is best known for his pioneering volume County Music, U.S.A., published in 1968. It ranks as the first comprehensive history of American country music and remains a standard reference. This compilation of Malone’s shorter—and more personal—essays is the perfect complement to his earlier writing and a compelling introduction to the life’s work of America’s most respected country music historian.

When Will the Dead Lady Sing  Book
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When Will the Dead Lady Sing

  • Author : Patricia Sprinkle
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Release Date : 2004-06-01
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages : 213
  • ISBN 10 : 9781101161609

When Will the Dead Lady Sing Excerpt :

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

Singing in Mandarin Book

Singing in Mandarin

  • Author : Katherine Chu
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
  • Release Date : 2020-11-30
  • Genre: Music
  • Pages : 384
  • ISBN 10 : 9781538131435

Singing in Mandarin Excerpt :

Access audio files at: The success of Chinese artists internationally across many art forms has focused the world's attention on the developing cultural phenomenon in China, an emerging stage for the vocal arts. As one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, Mandarin is poised to become the next addition to lyric languages. Singing in Mandarin: A Guide to Chinese Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire is a comprehensive guide to unlocking the mysteries of Chinese contemporary vocal literature. In part one, Chu and Petrus focus on diction and language, providing detailed descriptions and exercises for creating the sounds of the language. They take a uniquely systematic approach, fusing together best practices from international music conservatories for diction study, with those for Chinese language learning. Part two outlines the historical context of Chinese vocal literature, chronicling the development of the language and its repertoire over the last one hundred years. Audio files narrated by native speakers demonstrating the sounds are also included. Singing in Mandarin provides guidance for both novices and those with previous experience singing or speaking Mandarin and is the first book of its kind to help bring the fascinating and previously inaccessible treasure of Chinese vocal music to Western audiences.

The Singing Sands Book

The Singing Sands

  • Author : Josephine Tey
  • Publisher : Wildside Press LLC
  • Release Date : 2020-09-03
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages : 240
  • ISBN 10 : 9781479453214

The Singing Sands Excerpt :

On sick leave from Scotland Yard, Inspector Alan Grant is planning a quiet holiday with an old school chum to recover from overwork and mental fatigue. Traveling on the night train to Scotland, however, Grant stumbles upon a dead man and a cryptic poem about the stones that walk and the singing sand, which send him off on a fascinating search into the verse's meaning and the identity of the deceased. Grant needs just this sort of casual inquiry to quiet his jangling nerves, despite his doctor's orders. But what begins as a leisurely pastime eventually turns into a full-blown investigation that leads Grant to discover not only the key to the poem but the truth about a most diabolical murder.

The Singing Sands Book

The Singing Sands

  • Author : Elizabeth Mackintosh
  • Publisher : DigiCat
  • Release Date : 2022-08-16
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages : 200
  • ISBN 10 : EAN:8596547196020

The Singing Sands Excerpt :

DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "The Singing Sands" by Elizabeth Mackintosh. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.

The Birds Still Sing Book

The Birds Still Sing

  • Author : Grace Tallman
  • Publisher : FriesenPress
  • Release Date : 2019-08-13
  • Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Pages : 152
  • ISBN 10 : 9781525541162

The Birds Still Sing Excerpt :

The Birds Still Sing: My Journey of Resilience Through Postpartum Depression is an invaluable and inspiring read for anyone who is struggling to re-discover meaning and purpose in life after a devastating experience. Readers will be riveted by the bold, real-life account of a young mother who plunges into the depths of darkness and emerges as a stronger, more grounded person. Although the story focuses on postpartum depression, this is a book that will resonate with any readers who have struggled with a difficult challenge of any kind in their life, whether it is a major loss, relationship break-up, or a physical or mental health crisis.