Animal Vigilance Book

Animal Vigilance

  • Author : Guy Beauchamp
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Release Date : 2015-06-29
  • Genre: Science
  • Pages : 272
  • ISBN 10 : 9780128019948

Animal Vigilance Excerpt :

Animal Vigilance builds on the author’s previous publication with Academic Press (Social Predation: How Group Living Benefits Predators and Prey) by developing several other themes including the development and mechanisms underlying vigilance, as well as developing more fully the evolution and function of vigilance. Animal vigilance has been at the forefront of research on animal behavior for many years, but no comprehensive review of this topic has existed. Students of animal behavior have focused on many aspects of animal vigilance, from models of its adaptive value to empirical research in the laboratory and in the field. The vast literature on vigilance is widely dispersed with often little contact between models and empirical work and between researchers focusing on different taxa such as birds and mammals. Animal Vigilance fills this gap in the available material. Tackles vigilance from all angles, theoretical and empirical, while including the broadest range of species to underscore unifying themes Discusses several newer developments in the area, such as vigilance copying and effect of food density Highlights recent challenges to assumptions of traditional models of vigilance, such as the assumption that vigilance is independent among group members, which is reviewed during discussion of synchronization and coordination of vigilance in a group Written by a top expert in animal vigilance

Social Predation Book

Social Predation

  • Author : Guy Beauchamp
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Release Date : 2013-12-07
  • Genre: Science
  • Pages : 336
  • ISBN 10 : 9780124076549

Social Predation Excerpt :

The classic literature on predation dealt almost exclusively with solitary predators and their prey. Going back to Lotka-Volterra and optimal foraging theory, the theory about predation, including predator-prey population dynamics, was developed for solitary species. Various consequences of sociality for predators have been considered only recently. Similarly, while it was long recognized that prey species can benefit from living in groups, research on the adaptive value of sociality for prey species mostly emerged in the 1970s. The main theme of this book is the various ways that predators and prey may benefit from living in groups. The first part focusses on predators and explores how group membership influences predation success rate, from searching to subduing prey. The second part focusses on how prey in groups can detect and escape predators. The final section explores group size and composition and how individuals respond over evolutionary times to the challenges posed by chasing or being chased by animals in groups. This book will help the reader understand current issues in social predation theory and provide a synthesis of the literature across a broad range of animal taxa. Includes the whole taxonomical range rather than limiting it to a select few Features in-depth analysis that allows a better understanding of many subtleties surrounding the issues related to social predation Presents both models and empirical results while covering the extensive predator and prey literature Contains extensive illustrations and separate boxes that cover more technical features, i.e., to present models and review results

Methodological Approaches for Sleep and Vigilance Research Book

Methodological Approaches for Sleep and Vigilance Research

  • Author : Eric Murillo-Rodriguez
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Release Date : 2021-10-29
  • Genre: Medical
  • Pages : 306
  • ISBN 10 : 9780323903349

Methodological Approaches for Sleep and Vigilance Research Excerpt :

Methodological Approaches for Sleep and Vigilance Research examines experimental procedures used to study the sleep-wake cycle, with topics covered by world leaders in the field. The book focuses on techniques commonly used in the sleep field, including polysomnography, electrophysiology, single- and multi-unit spiking activity recording, brain stimulation, EEG power spectra, optogenetics, telemetry, and wearable and non-wearable tracking devices. Further chapters on imaging techniques, questionnaires for sleep assessment, genome-wide association studies, artificial intelligence and big data are also featured. This discussion of significant conceptual advances into experimental procedures is suitable for anyone interested in the neurobiology of sleep. Discusses current sleep research methodologies for experienced scientists Focuses on techniques that allow measurement or assessment for the sleep-wake cycle Outlines mainstream research techniques and experimental characteristics of their uses Includes polysomnography, deep brain stimulation, and more Reviews sleep-tracking devices, EEG and telemetry Covers artificial intelligence and big data in analysis

Animal Behavior Book

Animal Behavior

  • Author : Michael D. Breed
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Release Date : 2022-01-12
  • Genre: Nature
  • Pages : 600
  • ISBN 10 : 9780128195628

Animal Behavior Excerpt :

Animal Behavior, Third Edition covers animal behavior from its neurological underpinnings to the importance of behavior in conservation. The book's authors, Michael Breed and Janice Moore, bring almost 60 years of combined experience as university professors, much of that teaching animal behavior. Chapters cover this social behavior and the relationship between parasites, pathogens and behavior. Thoughtful coverage has also been given to foraging behavior, mating and parenting behavior, anti-predator behavior, and learning. The book addresses the physiological foundations of behavior in a way that is both accessible and inviting, with each chapter beginning with learning objectives and ending with thought-provoking questions. Additionally, special terms and definitions are highlighted throughout, making this book an essential work for students and academic seeking a foundation in the field. Provides a rich resource on animal science and behavior for students and professors from a wide range of life science disciplines Features updated and revised chapters, with new case studies and high-definition illustrations Highlights new focuses on animal welfare issues and companion animal behavior

Companion Animal Care and Welfare Book

Companion Animal Care and Welfare

  • Author : James Yeates
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release Date : 2019-02-04
  • Genre: Medical
  • Pages : 498
  • ISBN 10 : 9781118688793

Companion Animal Care and Welfare Excerpt :

Companion Animal Care and Welfare: The UFAW Companion Animal Handbook presents a comprehensive, accessible and practical reference for all parties seeking information about the proper care of companion animals. Identifies the needs of companion animals, explains how we know these needs, and gives scientifically-backed advice on how to meet these needs Promotes the most humane treatment and best possible care of our companion animals Addresses controversial issues such as selective breeding, companion animal showing, the keeping of exotic species, and the international pet trade Covers the husbandry and care of all major companion animal species, including mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Book
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Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response

  • Author : World Health Organization
  • Publisher : World Health Organization
  • Release Date : 2009
  • Genre: Medical
  • Pages : 62
  • ISBN 10 : 9789241547680

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Excerpt :

This guidance is an update of WHO global influenza preparedness plan: the role of WHO and recommendations for national measures before and during pandemics, published March 2005 (WHO/CDS/CSR/GIP/2005.5).

The Cognitive Animal Book

The Cognitive Animal

  • Author : Marc Bekoff
  • Publisher : MIT Press
  • Release Date : 2002-06-21
  • Genre: Psychology
  • Pages : 508
  • ISBN 10 : 0262523221

The Cognitive Animal Excerpt :

The fifty-seven original essays in this book provide a comprehensive overview of the interdisciplinary field of animal cognition. The contributors include cognitive ethologists, behavioral ecologists, experimental and developmental psychologists, behaviorists, philosophers, neuroscientists, computer scientists and modelers, field biologists, and others. The diversity of approaches is both philosophical and methodological, with contributors demonstrating various degrees of acceptance or disdain for such terms as "consciousness" and varying degrees of concern for laboratory experimentation versus naturalistic research. In addition to primates, particularly the nonhuman great apes, the animals discussed include antelopes, bees, dogs, dolphins, earthworms, fish, hyenas, parrots, prairie dogs, rats, ravens, sea lions, snakes, spiders, and squirrels. The topics include (but are not limited to) definitions of cognition, the role of anecdotes in the study of animal cognition, anthropomorphism, attention, perception, learning, memory, thinking, consciousness, intentionality, communication, planning, play, aggression, dominance, predation, recognition, assessment of self and others, social knowledge, empathy, conflict resolution, reproduction, parent-young interactions and caregiving, ecology, evolution, kin selection, and neuroethology.

Feminist Vigilance Book

Feminist Vigilance

  • Author : Patty Sotirin
  • Publisher : Springer Nature
  • Release Date : 2021-01-04
  • Genre: Social Science
  • Pages : 224
  • ISBN 10 : 9783030597931

Feminist Vigilance Excerpt :

This collection advances vigilance as a critical feminist concept and strategy for addressing contemporary challenges. The assembled chapters develop feminist vigilance by elaborating concrete examples that emphasize action, ethics, and hope. Chapter authors expand on current feminist discussions about such issues as Black women’s self-care and anticipatory vigilance; media portrayals of race, gender, and violence; religion and social justice; technofeminist activism; postcolonial feminist critique; research ethics; and collective civic action. The contributions engage with larger discussions of social precarity, public anxiety, post-feminist appeals, and future feminist trajectories. Particular benefits of the collection include relatable content based in contemporary experiences, insightful and pragmatic conceptions of vigilance from feminist perspectives, and critical engagement with issues of intersectionality, agency, embodiment, and care ethics. The collection aims to address the need for productive academic responses to contemporary challenges to gendered identities, feminism, and intersectional relations that avoid abstractions or overwhelmingly negative analyses. Instead, this collection invites readers to engage in feminist vigilance as a fresh perspective, commitment, and strategy.

Biological Safety Book

Biological Safety

  • Author : Dawn P. Wooley
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release Date : 2020-07-02
  • Genre: Science
  • Pages : 300
  • ISBN 10 : 9781555819637

Biological Safety Excerpt :

Biological safety and biosecurity protocols are essential to the reputation and responsibility of every scientific institution, whether research, academic, or production. Every risk—no matter how small—must be considered, assessed, and properly mitigated. If the science isn't safe, it isn't good. Now in its fifth edition, Biological safety: Principles and Practices remains the most comprehensive biosafety reference. Led by editors Karen Byers and Dawn Wooley, a team of expert contributors have outlined the technical nuts and bolts of biosafety and biosecurity within these pages. This book presents the guiding principles of laboratory safety, including: the identification, assessment, and control of the broad variety of risks encountered in the lab; the production facility; and, the classroom. Specifically, Biological Safety covers protection and control elements—from biosafety level cabinets and personal protection systems to strategies and decontamination methods administrative concerns in biorisk management, including regulations, guidelines, and compliance various aspects of risk assessment covering bacterial pathogens, viral agents, mycotic agents, protozoa and helminths, gene transfer vectors, zooonotic agents, allergens, toxins, and molecular agents as well as decontamination, aerobiology, occupational medicine, and training A resource for biosafety professionals, instructors, and those who work with pathogenic agents in any capacity, Biological safety is also a critical reference for laboratory managers, and those responsible for managing biohazards in a range of settings, including basic and agricultural research, clinical laboratories, the vivarium, field study, insectories, and greenhouses.

Dynamical Cognitive Science Book

Dynamical Cognitive Science

  • Author : Lawrence M. Ward
  • Publisher : MIT Press
  • Release Date : 2002
  • Genre: Psychology
  • Pages : 386
  • ISBN 10 : 0262232170

Dynamical Cognitive Science Excerpt :

An introduction to the application of dynamical systems science to the cognitive sciences. Dynamical Cognitive Science makes available to the cognitive science community the analytical tools and techniques of dynamical systems science, adding the variables of change and time to the study of human cognition. The unifying theme is that human behavior is an "unfolding in time" whose study should be augmented by the application of time-sensitive tools from disciplines such as physics, mathematics, and economics, where change over time is of central importance. The book provides a fast-paced, comprehensive introduction to the application of dynamical systems science to the cognitive sciences. Topics include linear and nonlinear time series analysis, chaos theory, complexity theory, relaxation oscillators, and metatheoretical issues of modeling and theory building. Tools and techniques are discussed in the context of their application to basic cognitive science problems, including perception, memory, psychophysics, judgment and decision making, and consciousness. The final chapter summarizes the contemporary study of consciousness and suggests how dynamical approaches to cognitive science can help to advance our understanding of this central concept.



  • Author : ELLIS
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Release Date : 1985-11-20
  • Genre: Science
  • Pages : 349
  • ISBN 10 : 9780080857916



The Fourth Industrial Revolution Book
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Author : Klaus Schwab
  • Publisher : Currency
  • Release Date : 2017-01-03
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 194
  • ISBN 10 : 9781524758868

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Excerpt :

World-renowned economist Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, explains that we have an opportunity to shape the fourth industrial revolu­tion, which will fundamentally alter how we live and work. Schwab argues that this revolution is different in scale, scope and complexity from any that have come before. Characterized by a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, the developments are affecting all disciplines, economies, industries and governments, and even challenging ideas about what it means to be human. Artificial intelligence is already all around us, from supercomputers, drones and virtual assistants to 3D printing, DNA sequencing, smart thermostats, wear­able sensors and microchips smaller than a grain of sand. But this is just the beginning: nanomaterials 200 times stronger than steel and a million times thinner than a strand of hair and the first transplant of a 3D printed liver are already in development. Imagine “smart factories” in which global systems of manu­facturing are coordinated virtually, or implantable mobile phones made of biosynthetic materials. The fourth industrial revolution, says Schwab, is more significant, and its ramifications more profound, than in any prior period of human history. He outlines the key technologies driving this revolution and discusses the major impacts expected on government, business, civil society and individu­als. Schwab also offers bold ideas on how to harness these changes and shape a better future—one in which technology empowers people rather than replaces them; progress serves society rather than disrupts it; and in which innovators respect moral and ethical boundaries rather than cross them. We all have the opportunity to contribute to developing new frame­works that advance progress.

Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior  A C Book

Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior A C

  • Author : Marc Bekoff
  • Publisher : Greenwood
  • Release Date : 2004
  • Genre: Animal behavior
  • Pages : 538
  • ISBN 10 : UVA:X004864458

Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior A C Excerpt :

Entries examine a broad array of different species and behavior patterns, using techniques that range from molecular approaches to the study of behavior to analyses of individuals, populations, species, and ecosystems.

Vigilance Book
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  • Author : Robert Jackson Bennett
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date : 2019-01-29
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages : 208
  • ISBN 10 : 9781250209436

Vigilance Excerpt :

Robert Jackson Bennett's Vigilance is a dark science fiction action parable from an America that has permanently surrendered to gun violence. The United States. 2030. John McDean executive produces "Vigilance," a reality game show designed to make sure American citizens stay alert to foreign and domestic threats. Shooters are introduced into a "game environment," and the survivors get a cash prize. The TV audience is not the only one that's watching though, and McDean soon finds out what it's like to be on the other side of the camera. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Foul and the Fragrant Book

The Foul and the Fragrant

  • Author : Alain Corbin
  • Publisher : Harvard University Press
  • Release Date : 1986
  • Genre: History
  • Pages : 326
  • ISBN 10 : 0674311760

The Foul and the Fragrant Excerpt :

In a book whose insight and originality have already had a dazzling impact in France, Alain Corbin has put the sense of smell on the historical map. He conjures up the dominion that the combined forces of smells--from the seductress's civet to the ubiquitous excremental odors of city cesspools--exercised over the lives (and deaths) of the French in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.