Bringing a Corporate Security Culture to Life Book

Bringing a Corporate Security Culture to Life

  • Author : Peter Cheviot
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Release Date : 2013-08-23
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 8
  • ISBN 10 : 9780124172418

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In Bringing a Corporate Security Culture to Life, presenter Peter Cheviot, former vice president of corporate security for BAX Global Inc., discusses how to build and maintain a corporate security culture that encourages company employees to take ownership of security and facilitates communication. In this 18-minute video presentation of narrated slides, the concept of "security culture" is defined, and Cheviot explains how it can improve the effectiveness of security and risk management programs. Security culture refers to the idea that the security manager must encourage shared ownership of and accountability for the organization’s security program among all employees. In this presentation, the ways to achieve a good security culture are outlined. They include impressing the return on investment (ROI) of security services, designating security ambassadors for various functional areas of the business, providing training, connecting with senior management, and sharing security program performance results. When employees and other business stakeholders feel that they have ownership over security policies, the results are higher compliance, return on investment, and net gains through continuous improvements. The tools and recommendations found in Bringing a Corporate Security Culture to Life will help security managers and their teams achieve these results. Bringing a Corporate Security Culture to Life is a part of Elsevier’s Security Executive Council Risk Management Portfolio, a collection of real world solutions and "how-to" guidelines that equip executives, practitioners, and educators with proven information for successful security and risk management programs. The 18-minute, visual PowerPoint presentation with audio narration format is excellent for group learning Introduces the concept of workplace security culture and explains how it can help further the objectives of the security program Encourages a top-down approach: When top management is invested in t

International Security Management Book

International Security Management

  • Author : Gabriele Jacobs
  • Publisher : Springer Nature
  • Release Date : 2020-08-07
  • Genre: Political Science
  • Pages : 558
  • ISBN 10 : 9783030425234

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This book offers a new look at international security management combining practical applications and theoretical foundations for new solutions to today’s complex security and safety challenges. The book’s focus on safety as a positive experience complements the traditional approach to safety as risks and threats. In addition, its multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary, international and evidence-based approach provides holistic and timely insights for the field. Topics raised in this book focus on the crucial questions of: Who is safety actually for? (and) How can sustainable safety solutions be jointly created? This book provides comprehensive insights into the latest research findings, practical applications and suggestions for dealing with challenges in international security management in integrated and sustainable ways, making it relevant reading for practitioners, as well as academics and students - with a view to obtaining thorough, first-hand knowledge from serving experts in the field. We explore new ways of working with citizens, police and policymakers in order to co-create safety. This book emphasises the importance of safety as a topic that matters for all. “Safety and security are basic pillars for the development of our society. However, the number of areas, actors and procedures involved in the management of the different elements composing the international security eco-system, its coordination and alignment, make it a challenging issue to resolve. This book provides a fresh new approach to this complex issue, in which we all have a role to play.” Fernando Ruiz, Acting Head of European Cyber-Crime Centre - Europol “A very timely analysis that brings a much-needed international perspective to the field of security management. The authors explore the challenges confronting security management in a complex and connected world and generate new ideas to support practice and inspire research.” Professor Mark Griffin; John Curtin Distinguished

International Security Programs Benchmark Report Book

International Security Programs Benchmark Report

  • Author : Bob Hayes
  • Publisher : Newnes
  • Release Date : 2013-03-29
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 40
  • ISBN 10 : 9780124116115

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The International Security Programs Benchmark Report presents and analyzes the findings of a broad survey conducted by the Security Executive Council of corporate international security programs. The report identifies the types of international security baseline programs in place for a range of company sizes, and describes the organizational perception of security’s role and capability. The data suggest that international security programs are greatly affected by the company size and the location of the security department within the organization, whether as part of the executive, legal, or human resources function. Security leaders can gain valuable insights from this report regarding the scope of international security programs at key corporations with contextualized comparison points for evaluating their own programs. The International Security Programs Benchmark Report is a part of Elsevier’s Security Executive Council Risk Management Portfolio, a collection of real world solutions and "how-to" guidelines that equip executives, practitioners, and educators with proven information for successful security and risk management programs. Summarizes the key points of a broad survey on international security programs conducted by the Security Executive Council Breaks down survey responses by company size and functional location of security within the organization Provides insight into other organizations’ existing international security programs and services

The Security Culture Playbook Book

The Security Culture Playbook

  • Author : Perry Carpenter
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release Date : 2022-03-08
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages : 256
  • ISBN 10 : 9781119875246

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Mitigate human risk and bake security into your organization’s culture from top to bottom with insights from leading experts in security awareness, behavior, and culture. The topic of security culture is mysterious and confusing to most leaders. But it doesn’t have to be. In The Security Culture Playbook, Perry Carpenter and Kai Roer, two veteran cybersecurity strategists deliver experience-driven, actionable insights into how to transform your organization’s security culture and reduce human risk at every level. This book exposes the gaps between how organizations have traditionally approached human risk and it provides security and business executives with the necessary information and tools needed to understand, measure, and improve facets of security culture across the organization. The book offers: An expose of what security culture really is and how it can be measured A careful exploration of the 7 dimensions that comprise security culture Practical tools for managing your security culture program, such as the Security Culture Framework and the Security Culture Maturity Model Insights into building support within the executive team and Board of Directors for your culture management program Also including several revealing interviews from security culture thought leaders in a variety of industries, The Security Culture Playbook is an essential resource for cybersecurity professionals, risk and compliance managers, executives, board members, and other business leaders seeking to proactively manage and reduce risk.

Cyber Security Culture Book

Cyber Security Culture

  • Author : Peter Trim
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2016-05-13
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages : 234
  • ISBN 10 : 9781317155294

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Focusing on countermeasures against orchestrated cyber-attacks, Cyber Security Culture is research-based and reinforced with insights from experts who do not normally release information into the public arena. It will enable managers of organizations across different industrial sectors and government agencies to better understand how organizational learning and training can be utilized to develop a culture that ultimately protects an organization from attacks. Peter Trim and David Upton believe that the speed and complexity of cyber-attacks demand a different approach to security management, including scenario-based planning and training, to supplement security policies and technical protection systems. The authors provide in-depth understanding of how organizational learning can produce cultural change addressing the behaviour of individuals, as well as machines. They provide information to help managers form policy to prevent cyber intrusions, to put robust security systems and procedures in place and to arrange appropriate training interventions such as table top exercises. Guidance embracing current and future threats and addressing issues such as social engineering is included. Although the work is embedded in a theoretical framework, non-technical staff will find the book of practical use because it renders highly technical subjects accessible and links firmly with areas beyond ICT, such as human resource management - in relation to bridging the education/training divide and allowing organizational learning to be embraced. This book will interest Government officials, policy advisors, law enforcement officers and senior managers within companies, as well as academics and students in a range of disciplines including management and computer science.

Nuclear Security Culture Book

Nuclear Security Culture

  • Author : Igor Khripunov
  • Publisher : IOS Press
  • Release Date : 2007
  • Genre: Political Science
  • Pages : 169
  • ISBN 10 : 9781586037864

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"Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Nuclear Security Culture: From National Best Practices to International Standards, Moscow, Russia, 24-25 October 2005."--T.p. verso.

Homeland Security Cultures Book

Homeland Security Cultures

  • Author : Alexander Siedschlag
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
  • Release Date : 2018-07-12
  • Genre: Political Science
  • Pages : 404
  • ISBN 10 : 9781786605931

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Focusing on this broader security culture framework of analysis, this text uses a comprehensive approach to explore cultural factors empirically and pragmatically as they affect threat environment and assessment along core missions, organizational responses, and the aim of fostering safe and secure societies.

CBRN Security Culture in Practice Book

CBRN Security Culture in Practice

  • Author : J. Thompson
  • Publisher : IOS Press
  • Release Date : 2015-09-03
  • Genre: Political Science
  • Pages : 165
  • ISBN 10 : 9781614995340

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Evolving threats of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) attack make it imperative to find ways to support global efforts against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and terrorism. This book contains papers presented at the NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI) on CBRN security culture, held in Yerevan, Armenia, in June 2014. The conference was timely in bringing together the various aspects of security culture in the different substantive areas from a CBRN perspective, focusing efforts to advance CBRN security culture in the everyday work of those who must deal with these ever present threats. The primary aim of the conference was to promote the concept of a CBRN security culture which recognizes synergy across the individual disciplines. As a first step in the practical application of this synergistic view, the conference introduced assessment methodologies that could be refined and customized to enhance the role of the human factor in CBRN security. This, we hope, will enable countries to fulfill their international obligations and implement United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540. The book reflects the presentations and deliberations of workshop participants and will be of interest to governments, international organizations, researchers and practitioners whose work involves the human dimension of the security of CBRN materials.

Security Culture Book

Security Culture

  • Author : Hilary Walton
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2016-04-01
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 167
  • ISBN 10 : 9781317058052

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Security Culture starts from the premise that, even with good technical tools and security processes, an organisation is still vulnerable without a strong culture and a resilient set of behaviours in relation to people risk. Hilary Walton combines her research and her unique work portfolio to provide proven security culture strategies with practical advice on their implementation. And she does so across the board: from management buy-in, employee development and motivation, right through to effective metrics for security culture activities. There is still relatively little integrated and structured advice on how you can embed security in the culture of your organisation. Hilary Walton draws all the best ideas together, including a blend of psychology, risk and security, to offer a security culture interventions toolkit from which you can pick and choose as you design your security culture programme - whether in private or public settings. Applying the techniques included in Security Culture will enable you to introduce or enhance a culture in which security messages stick, employees comply with policies, security complacency is challenged, and managers and employees understand the significance of this critically important, business-as-usual, function.

CPTED and Traditional Security Countermeasures Book

CPTED and Traditional Security Countermeasures

  • Author : Lawrence Fennelly
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release Date : 2018-04-17
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages : 432
  • ISBN 10 : 9781351385435

Download CPTED and Traditional Security Countermeasures Ebook PDF/EPUB

CTPED and Traditional Security Countermeasures: 150 Things You Should Know is a handy reference for both seasoned professionals and those just starting out in security and law enforcement. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a foundational concept to physical security and can be incorporated widely in security policies, plans, and procedures. It has proven effective over the many years insofar as building and campus design, security architecture, and creating an overall security culture in any workplace. The authors have collected a broad array of topics together, garnered through their many years of real-world experience in the field. Security solutions that address a wide range of physical security challenges are presented in an easy to follow format. Security practitioners and law enforcement professionals alike will find practical tips to understand and manage their security program, including access control, target hardening, command and control, physical security protections, and visitor management, among a myriad of other topics. This will be a must-have reference for professionals looking for real-world recommendations for physical security solutions.

People Centric Security  Transforming Your Enterprise Security Culture Book

People Centric Security Transforming Your Enterprise Security Culture

  • Author : Lance Hayden
  • Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
  • Release Date : 2015-09-25
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages : 384
  • ISBN 10 : 9780071846790

Download People Centric Security Transforming Your Enterprise Security Culture Ebook PDF/EPUB

A culture hacking how to complete with strategies, techniques, and resources for securing the most volatile element of information security—humans People-Centric Security: Transforming Your Enterprise Security Culture addresses the urgent need for change at the intersection of people and security. Esentially a complete security culture toolkit, this comprehensive resource provides you with a blueprint for assessing, designing, building, and maintaining human firewalls. Globally recognized information security expert Lance Hayden lays out a course of action for drastically improving organizations’ security cultures through the precise use of mapping, survey, and analysis. You’ll discover applied techniques for embedding strong security practices into the daily routines of IT users and learn how to implement a practical, executable, and measurable program for human security. Features downloadable mapping and surveying templates Case studies throughout showcase the methods explained in the book Valuable appendices detail security tools and cultural threat and risk modeling Written by an experienced author and former CIA human intelligence officer

Building a Corporate Culture of Security Book

Building a Corporate Culture of Security

  • Author : John Sullivant
  • Publisher : Butterworth-Heinemann
  • Release Date : 2016-02-24
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 298
  • ISBN 10 : 9780128020586

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Building a Corporate Culture of Security: Strategies for Strengthening Organizational Resiliency provides readers with the proven strategies, methods, and techniques they need to present ideas and a sound business case for improving or enhancing security resilience to senior management. Presented from the viewpoint of a leading expert in the field, the book offers proven and integrated strategies that convert threats, hazards, risks, and vulnerabilities into actionable security solutions, thus enhancing organizational resiliency in ways that executive management will accept. The book delivers a much-needed look into why some corporate security practices programs work and others don’t. Offering the tools necessary for anyone in the organization charged with security operations, Building a Corporate Culture of Security provides practical and useful guidance on handling security issues corporate executives hesitate to address until it’s too late. Provides a comprehensive understanding of the root causes of the most common security vulnerabilities that impact organizations and strategies for their early detection and prevention Offers techniques for security managers on how to establish and maintain effective communications with executives, especially when bringing security weakness--and solutions--to them Outlines a strategy for determining the value and contribution of protocols to the organization, how to detect gaps, duplications and omissions from those protocols, and how to improve their purpose and usefulness Explores strategies for building professional competencies; managing security operations, and assessing risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences Shows how to establish a solid foundation for the layering of security and building a resilient protection-in-depth capability that benefits the entire organization Offers appendices with proven risk management and risk-based metric frameworks and architecture platforms

Project Risk Management Book

Project Risk Management

  • Author : Kurt J. Engemann
  • Publisher : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
  • Release Date : 2021-03-08
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 284
  • ISBN 10 : 9783110652321

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Managing risk is essential for every organization. However, significant opportunities may be lost by concentrating on the negative aspects of risk without bearing in mind the positive attributes. The objective of Project Risk Management: Managing Software Development Risk is to provide a distinct approach to a broad range of risks and rewards associated with the design, development, implementation and deployment of software systems. The traditional perspective of software development risk is to view risk as a negative characteristic associated with the impact of potential threats. The perspective of this book is to explore a more discerning view of software development risks, including the positive aspects of risk associated with potential beneficial opportunities. A balanced approach requires that software project managers approach negative risks with a view to reduce the likelihood and impact on a software project, and approach positive risks with a view to increase the likelihood of exploiting opportunities. Project Risk Management: Managing Software Development Risk explores software development risk both from a technological and business perspective. Issues regarding strategies for software development are discussed and topics including risks related to technical performance, outsourcing, cybersecurity, scheduling, quality, costs, opportunities and competition are presented. Bringing together concepts across the broad spectrum of software engineering with a project management perspective, this volume represents both a professional and scholarly perspective on the topic.

Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Systems Book

Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Systems

  • Author : Alexander Palagin
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release Date : 2019-07-17
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 260
  • ISBN 10 : 9783030257415

Download Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Systems Ebook PDF/EPUB

This book presents current investigations in the field of mathematical modeling and simulation to support the development of intelligent information systems in domains such as ecology and geology, manufacturing, project management, and safety of distributed information systems. The book will be of interest to developers of modern high-tech software complexes for situational control centers, based on mathematical modeling and simulation methods. In addition, it will appeal to software engineers and programmers, offering them new implementation and application methods. Gathering the latest research, prepared by leading scholars, and identifying promising new directions for solving complex scientific and practical problems, the book presents selected outcomes of the 14th International Scientific-Practical Conference, MODS2019, held in Chernihiv, Ukraine, on June 24 to 26, 2019.