Building the Web of Things Book

Building the Web of Things

  • Author : Dominique Dom Guinard
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release Date : 2016-06-06
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages : 344
  • ISBN 10 : 9781638357094

Building the Web of Things Excerpt :

Summary A hands-on guide that will teach how to design and implement scalable, flexible, and open IoT solutions using web technologies. This book focuses on providing the right balance of theory, code samples, and practical examples to enable you to successfully connect all sorts of devices to the web and to expose their services and data over REST APIs. Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications. About the Technology Because the Internet of Things is still new, there is no universal application protocol. Fortunately, the IoT can take advantage of the web, where IoT protocols connect applications thanks to universal and open APIs. About the Book Building the Web of Things is a guide to using cutting-edge web technologies to build the IoT. This step-by-step book teaches you how to use web protocols to connect real-world devices to the web, including the Semantic and Social Webs. Along the way you'll gain vital concepts as you follow instructions for making Web of Things devices. By the end, you'll have the practical skills you need to implement your own web-connected products and services. What's Inside Introduction to IoT protocols and devices Connect electronic actuators and sensors (GPIO) to a Raspberry Pi Implement standard REST and Pub/Sub APIs with Node.js on embedded systems Learn about IoT protocols like MQTT and CoAP and integrate them to the Web of Things Use the Semantic Web (JSON-LD, RDFa, etc.) to discover and find Web Things Share Things via Social Networks to create the Social Web of Things Build a web-based smart home with HTTP and WebSocket Compose physical mashups with EVRYTHNG, Node-RED, and IFTTT About the Reader For both seasoned programmers and those with only basic programming skills. About the Authors Dominique Guinard and Vlad Trifa pioneered the Web of Things and cofounded EVRYTHNG, a large-scale IoT cloud powering billions of Web Things. Table of Contents PART 1 BASICS OF THE

Rethinking the Internet of Things Book

Rethinking the Internet of Things

  • Author : Francis daCosta
  • Publisher : Apress
  • Release Date : 2014-01-23
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages : 185
  • ISBN 10 : 9781430257417

Rethinking the Internet of Things Excerpt :

Apress is proud to announce that Rethinking the Internet of Things was a 2014 Jolt Award Finalist, the highest honor for a programming book. And the amazing part is that there is no code in the book. Over the next decade, most devices connected to the Internet will not be used by people in the familiar way that personal computers, tablets and smart phones are. Billions of interconnected devices will be monitoring the environment, transportation systems, factories, farms, forests, utilities, soil and weather conditions, oceans and resources. Many of these sensors and actuators will be networked into autonomous sets, with much of the information being exchanged machine-to-machine directly and without human involvement. Machine-to-machine communications are typically terse. Most sensors and actuators will report or act upon small pieces of information - "chirps". Burdening these devices with current network protocol stacks is inefficient, unnecessary and unduly increases their cost of ownership. This must change. The architecture of the Internet of Things must evolve now by incorporating simpler protocols toward at the edges of the network, or remain forever inefficient. Rethinking the Internet of Things describes reasons why we must rethink current approaches to the Internet of Things. Appropriate architectures that will coexist with existing networking protocols are described in detail. An architecture comprised of integrator functions, propagator nodes, and end devices, along with their interactions, is explored.

Demystifying Internet of Things Security Book

Demystifying Internet of Things Security

  • Author : Sunil Cheruvu
  • Publisher : Apress
  • Release Date : 2019-08-13
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages : 264
  • ISBN 10 : 9781484228968

Demystifying Internet of Things Security Excerpt :

Break down the misconceptions of the Internet of Things by examining the different security building blocks available in Intel Architecture (IA) based IoT platforms. This open access book reviews the threat pyramid, secure boot, chain of trust, and the SW stack leading up to defense-in-depth. The IoT presents unique challenges in implementing security and Intel has both CPU and Isolated Security Engine capabilities to simplify it. This book explores the challenges to secure these devices to make them immune to different threats originating from within and outside the network. The requirements and robustness rules to protect the assets vary greatly and there is no single blanket solution approach to implement security. Demystifying Internet of Things Security provides clarity to industry professionals and provides and overview of different security solutions What You'll Learn Secure devices, immunizing them against different threats originating from inside and outside the networkGather an overview of the different security building blocks available in Intel Architecture (IA) based IoT platformsUnderstand the threat pyramid, secure boot, chain of trust, and the software stack leading up to defense-in-depth Who This Book Is For Strategists, developers, architects, and managers in the embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) space trying to understand and implement the security in the IoT devices/platforms.

Managing the Web of Things Book

Managing the Web of Things

  • Author : Michael Sheng
  • Publisher : Morgan Kaufmann
  • Release Date : 2017-02-10
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages : 482
  • ISBN 10 : 9780128097656

Managing the Web of Things Excerpt :

Managing the Web of Things: Linking the Real World to the Web presents a consolidated and holistic coverage of engineering, management, and analytics of the Internet of Things. The web has gone through many transformations, from traditional linking and sharing of computers and documents (i.e., Web of Data), to the current connection of people (i.e., Web of People), and to the emerging connection of billions of physical objects (i.e., Web of Things). With increasing numbers of electronic devices and systems providing different services to people, Web of Things applications present numerous challenges to research institutions, companies, governments, international organizations, and others. This book compiles the newest developments and advances in the area of the Web of Things, ranging from modeling, searching, and data analytics, to software building, applications, and social impact. Its coverage will enable effective exploration, understanding, assessment, comparison, and the selection of WoT models, languages, techniques, platforms, and tools. Readers will gain an up-to-date understanding of the Web of Things systems that accelerates their research. Offers a comprehensive and systematic presentation of the methodologies, technologies, and applications that enable efficient and effective management of the Internet of Things Provides an in-depth analysis on the state-of-the-art Web of Things modeling and searching technologies, including how to collect, clean, and analyze data generated by the Web of Things Covers system design and software building principles, with discussions and explorations of social impact for the Web of Things through real-world applications Acts as an ideal reference or recommended text for graduate courses in cloud computing, service computing, and more

Building Blocks for IoT Analytics Book

Building Blocks for IoT Analytics

  • Author : John Soldatos
  • Publisher : River Publishers
  • Release Date : 2016-11-23
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 294
  • ISBN 10 : 9788793519039

Building Blocks for IoT Analytics Excerpt :

Internet-of-Things (IoT) Analytics are an integral element of most IoT applications, as it provides the means to extract knowledge, drive actuation services and optimize decision making. IoT analytics will be a major contributor to IoT business value in the coming years, as it will enable organizations to process and fully leverage large amounts of IoT data, which are nowadays largely underutilized. The Building Blocks of IoT Analytics is devoted to the presentation the main technology building blocks that comprise advanced IoT analytics systems. It introduces IoT analytics as a special case of BigData analytics and accordingly presents leading edge technologies that can be deployed in order to successfully confront the main challenges of IoT analytics applications. Special emphasis is paid in the presentation of technologies for IoT streaming and semantic interoperability across diverse IoT streams. Furthermore, the role of cloud computing and BigData technologies in IoT analytics are presented, along with practical tools for implementing, deploying and operating non-trivial IoT applications. Along with the main building blocks of IoT analytics systems and applications, the book presents a series of practical applications, which illustrate the use of these technologies in the scope of pragmatic applications. Technical topics discussed in the book include: Cloud Computing and BigData for IoT analyticsSearching the Internet of ThingsDevelopment Tools for IoT Analytics ApplicationsIoT Analytics-as-a-ServiceSemantic Modelling and Reasoning for IoT AnalyticsIoT analytics for Smart BuildingsIoT analytics for Smart CitiesOperationalization of IoT analyticsEthical aspects of IoT analytics This book contains both research oriented and applied articles on IoT analytics, including several articles reflecting work undertaken in the scope of recent European Commission funded projects in the scope of the FP7 and H2020 programmes. These articles present results of these projects

Build Your Own IoT Platform Book
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Build Your Own IoT Platform

  • Author : Anand Tamboli
  • Publisher : Apress
  • Release Date : 2019-04-29
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages : 228
  • ISBN 10 : 9781484244982

Build Your Own IoT Platform Excerpt :

Discover how every solution that is in some way related to the IoT needs a platform and how to create that platform. This book is about being agile and reducing your time to market without breaking the bank. It is about designing something that you can scale incrementally without a lot of rework and potentially disrupting the current work. So, the key questions are: What does it take? How long does it take? And, how much does it take to build your own IoT platform? This book answers these questions and provides you with a step-by-step guidance on how to build your own IoT platform. In this book, the author bursts the bubble and highlights how the core of an IoT platform looks like. There are always some must-haves and some nice-to-haves. This book will distinguish the two and focus on how to build the must-haves. Building your IoT platform is not only the biggest cost saver but can also be a satisfying learning experience. In this edition, we will undertake a sample project to further clarify the concepts we learn; additional chapters would show you the hardware interface. What You Will Learn: · Learn how to architect an interconnected system. · Learn how to develop flexible architecture. · Learn to prioritize system requirements with a bottom-up approach. · Be able to create a redundant communications platform. · Be able to create an end-to-end application using the guidelines in this book. Who Is This Book For IoT developers with basic-to-intermediate programming skills would benefit from this book.

Internet of Things  IoT  for Automated and Smart Applications Book

Internet of Things IoT for Automated and Smart Applications

  • Author : Yasser Ismail
  • Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
  • Release Date : 2019-11-27
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages : 154
  • ISBN 10 : 9781789840957

Internet of Things IoT for Automated and Smart Applications Excerpt :

Internet of Things (IoT) is a recent technology paradigm that creates a global network of machines and devices that are capable of communicating with each other. Security cameras, sensors, vehicles, buildings, and software are examples of devices that can exchange data between each other. IoT is recognized as one of the most important areas of future technologies and is gaining vast recognition in a wide range of applications and fields related to smart homes and cities, military, education, hospitals, homeland security systems, transportation and autonomous connected cars, agriculture, intelligent shopping systems, and other modern technologies. This book explores the most important IoT automated and smart applications to help the reader understand the principle of using IoT in such applications.

Getting Started with the Internet of Things Book
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Getting Started with the Internet of Things

  • Author : Cuno Pfister
  • Publisher : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
  • Release Date : 2011-05-24
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages : 195
  • ISBN 10 : 9781449393571

Getting Started with the Internet of Things Excerpt :

This hands-on introductory guide will quickly show how to program embedded devices using the .NET Micro Framework and the Netduino Plus board, and then connect these devices to the Internet using Pachube, a cloud platform for sharing real-time sensor data.

Building Arduino Projects for the Internet of Things Book

Building Arduino Projects for the Internet of Things

  • Author : Adeel Javed
  • Publisher : Apress
  • Release Date : 2016-06-11
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages : 299
  • ISBN 10 : 9781484219409

Building Arduino Projects for the Internet of Things Excerpt :

Gain a strong foundation of Arduino-based device development, from which you can go in any direction according to your specific development needs and desires. You'll build Arduino-powered devices for everyday use, and then connect those devices to the Internet. You'll be introduced to the building blocks of IoT, and then deploy those principles to by building a variety of useful projects. Projects in the books gradually introduce the reader to key topics such as internet connectivity with Arduino, common IoT protocols, custom web visualization, and Android apps that receive sensor data on-demand and in realtime. IoT device enthusiasts of all ages will want this book by their side when developing Android-based devices. If you're one of the many who have decided to build your own Arduino-powered devices for IoT applications, then Building Arduino Projects for the Internet of Things is exactly what you need. This book is your single resource--a guidebook for the eager-to-learn Arduino enthusiast--that teaches logically, methodically, and practically how the Arduino works and what you can build with it. Written by a software developer and solution architect who got tired of hunting and gathering various lessons for Arduino development as he taught himself all about the topic. For Arduino enthusiasts, this book not only opens up the world of IoT applications, you will also learn many techniques that likely would not be obvious if not for experience with such a diverse group of applications What You'll Learn Create an Arduino circuit that senses temperature Publish data collected from an Arduino to a server and to an MQTT broker Set up channels in Xively Using Node-RED to define complex flows Publish data visualization in a web app Report motion-sensor data through a mobile app Create a remote control for house lights Set up an app in IBM Bluematrix Who This Book Is For IoT device enthusiasts of all ages will want this book by their side when developing Android-based devi

Architecting the Internet of Things Book
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Architecting the Internet of Things

  • Author : Dieter Uckelmann
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Release Date : 2011-04-02
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 353
  • ISBN 10 : 9783642191572

Architecting the Internet of Things Excerpt :

Many of the initial developments towards the Internet of Things have focused on the combination of Auto-ID and networked infrastructures in business-to-business logistics and product lifecycle applications. However, the Internet of Things is more than a business tool for managing business processes more efficiently and more effectively – it will also enable a more convenient way of life. Since the term Internet of Things first came to attention when the Auto-ID Center launched their initial vision for the EPC network for automatically identifying and tracing the flow of goods within supply-chains, increasing numbers of researchers and practitioners have further developed this vision. The authors in this book provide a research perspective on current and future developments in the Internet of Things. The different chapters cover a broad range of topics from system design aspects and core architectural approaches to end-user participation, business perspectives and applications.

A Reference Guide to the Internet of Things Book

A Reference Guide to the Internet of Things

  • Author : Greg Dunko
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2017-03
  • Genre: Uncategoriezed
  • Pages : 82
  • ISBN 10 : 1986348946

A Reference Guide to the Internet of Things Excerpt :

This resource will help you make educated decisions for your IoT project, whether building from scratch or assembling ready to deploy components. Bridgera provides insight on what to consider throughout the entire process, from planning and design of each component to the deployment and monitoring of your IoT system. Our goal is to help you navigate the many options available when constructing an IoT system. We outline the advantages and disadvantages of the various technologies available to help you decide which options best suit your IoT project's needs.

Digitising the Industry   Internet of Things Connecting the Physical  Digital and Virtual Worlds Book

Digitising the Industry Internet of Things Connecting the Physical Digital and Virtual Worlds

  • Author : Peter Friess
  • Publisher : River Publishers
  • Release Date : 2016-07-07
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages : 362
  • ISBN 10 : 9788793379817

Digitising the Industry Internet of Things Connecting the Physical Digital and Virtual Worlds Excerpt :

This book provides an overview of the current Internet of Things (IoT) landscape, ranging from the research, innovation and development priorities to enabling technologies in a global context. A successful deployment of IoT technologies requires integration on all layers, be it cognitive and semantic aspects, middleware components, services, edge devices/machines and infrastructures. It is intended to be a standalone book in a series that covers the Internet of Things activities of the IERC - Internet of Things European Research Cluster from research to technological innovation, validation and deployment. The book builds on the ideas put forward by the European Research Cluster and the IoT European Platform Initiative (IoT-EPI) and presents global views and state of the art results on the challenges facing the research, innovation, development and deployment of IoT in the next years. The IoT is bridging the physical world with virtual world and requires sound information processing capabilities for the "digital shadows" of these real things. The research and innovation in nanoelectronics, semiconductor, sensors/actuators, communication, analytics technologies, cyber-physical systems, software, swarm intelligent and deep learning systems are essential for the successful deployment of IoT applications. The emergence of IoT platforms with multiple functionalities enables rapid development and lower costs by offering standardised components that can be shared across multiple solutions in many industry verticals. The IoT applications will gradually move from vertical, single purpose solutions to multi-purpose and collaborative applications interacting across industry verticals, organisations and people, being one of the essential paradigms of the digital economy. Many of those applications still have to be identified and involvement of end-users including the creative sector in this innovation is crucial. The IoT applications and deployments as integrated building blocks

Internet of Things From Hype to Reality Book

Internet of Things From Hype to Reality

  • Author : Ammar Rayes
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release Date : 2016-10-22
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 328
  • ISBN 10 : 9783319448602

Internet of Things From Hype to Reality Excerpt :

This book comprehensively describes an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) architecture that is comprised of devices, network, compute, storage, platform, applications along with management and security components. It is organized into five main parts, comprising of a total of 11 chapters. Part I presents a generic IoT reference model to establish a common vocabulary for IoT solutions. This includes a detailed description of the Internet protocol layers and the Things (sensors and actuators) as well as the key business drivers to realize the IoT vision. Part II focuses on the IoT requirements that impact networking protocols and provides a layer-by-layer walkthrough of the protocol stack with emphasis on industry progress and key gaps. Part III introduces the concept of Fog computing and describes the drivers for the technology, its constituent elements, and how it relates and differs from Cloud computing. Part IV discusses the IoT services platform, the cornerstone of the solution followed by the Security functions and requirements. Finally, Part V provides a treatment of the topic of connected ecosystems in IoT along with practical applications. It then surveys the latest IoT standards and discusses the pivotal role of open source in IoT. “Faculty will find well-crafted questions and answers at the end of each chapter, suitable for review and in classroom discussion topics. In addition, the material in the book can be used by engineers and technical leaders looking to gain a deep technical understanding of IoT, as well as by managers and business leaders looking to gain a competitive edge and understand innovation opportunities for the future.” Dr. Jim Spohrer, IBM “This text provides a very compelling study of the IoT space and achieves a very good balance between engineering/technology focus and business context. As such, it is highly-recommended for anyone interested in this rapidly-expanding field and will have broad appeal to a wide cross-section of rea

Designing the Internet of Things Book
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Designing the Internet of Things

  • Author : Adrian McEwen
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release Date : 2013-11-07
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages : 336
  • ISBN 10 : 9781118430651

Designing the Internet of Things Excerpt :

Take your idea from concept to production with this unique guide Whether it's called physical computing, ubiquitous computing, or the Internet of Things, it's a hot topic in technology: how to channel your inner Steve Jobs and successfully combine hardware, embedded software, web services, electronics, and cool design to create cutting-edge devices that are fun, interactive, and practical. If you'd like to create the next must-have product, this unique book is the perfect place to start. Both a creative and practical primer, it explores the platforms you can use to develop hardware or software, discusses design concepts that will make your products eye-catching and appealing, and shows you ways to scale up from a single prototype to mass production. Helps software engineers, web designers, product designers, and electronics engineers start designing products using the Internet-of-Things approach Explains how to combine sensors, servos, robotics, Arduino chips, and more with various networks or the Internet, to create interactive, cutting-edge devices Provides an overview of the necessary steps to take your idea from concept through production If you'd like to design for the future, Designing the Internet of Things is a great place to start.

Charlotte s Web Book
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Charlotte s Web

  • Author : E. B. White
  • Publisher : HarperCollins
  • Release Date : 2015-03-17
  • Genre: Juvenile Fiction
  • Pages : 192
  • ISBN 10 : 9780062406781

Charlotte s Web Excerpt :

Don’t miss one of America’s top 100 most-loved novels, selected by PBS’s The Great American Read. This beloved book by E. B. White, author of Stuart Little and The Trumpet of the Swan, is a classic of children's literature that is "just about perfect." Illustrations in this ebook appear in vibrant full color on a full-color device and in rich black-and-white on all other devices. Some Pig. Humble. Radiant. These are the words in Charlotte's Web, high up in Zuckerman's barn. Charlotte's spiderweb tells of her feelings for a little pig named Wilbur, who simply wants a friend. They also express the love of a girl named Fern, who saved Wilbur's life when he was born the runt of his litter. E. B. White's Newbery Honor Book is a tender novel of friendship, love, life, and death that will continue to be enjoyed by generations to come. It contains illustrations by Garth Williams, the acclaimed illustrator of E. B. White's Stuart Little and Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House series, among many other books. Whether enjoyed in the classroom or for homeschooling or independent reading, Charlotte's Web is a proven favorite.