Creative Impulse Book

Creative Impulse

  • Author : Andrea Lugli
  • Publisher : Gingko Press
  • Release Date : 2002
  • Genre: Design
  • Pages : 346
  • ISBN 10 : UOM:39015059971245

Creative Impulse Excerpt :

Creative Impulse brings together a multitude of graphic designers and artists such as Sagmeister and Nofrontiere who have their own rhythms and their own obsessions. In the final analysis a designer inevitably brings into play a conceptual awareness that compels reflection. So a voyage through his elective affinities also becomes a form of methodological recognition - a kind of Bildungsroman transformed into visual. This aspect is obvious from the book's inclusion of the sketchbooks and formal/design notes: they record the moments in which an intuition takes shape. The magical moment in design: giving shape to an idea.

Mis reading the Creative Impulse Book

Mis reading the Creative Impulse

  • Author : Adrianna M. Paliyenko
  • Publisher : SIU Press
  • Release Date : 1997
  • Genre: Literary Criticism
  • Pages : 232
  • ISBN 10 : 080932122X

Mis reading the Creative Impulse Excerpt :

Building on work by Aristotle, Jacques Lacan, and Harold Bloom, Adrianna M. Paliyenko's richly textured study revises our previous understanding of Arthur Rimbaud's (1854?1891) indirect artistic influence on Paul Claudel (1868?1955). Paliyenko's analysis answers to critical readings that rely on speculative spiritual affinities and text-surface similarities in identifying Claudel as Rimbaud's artistic follower. She traces the two writers' development of the poetic subject, striving to map Claudel's "creative corrections," or revisions, of Rimbaud's work. In redirecting discussion of Rimbaud's work, she develops a Bloomian paradigm of how creative artists strive for originality by correcting or revising their predecessors.

Creative Impulse in Industry  A Proposition for Educators Book

Creative Impulse in Industry A Proposition for Educators

  • Author : Helen Marot
  • Publisher : Good Press
  • Release Date : 2019-12-23
  • Genre: Education
  • Pages : 159
  • ISBN 10 : EAN:4064066148997

Creative Impulse in Industry A Proposition for Educators Excerpt :

"Creative Impulse in Industry: A Proposition for Educators" by Helen Marot. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Imagination and the Creative Impulse in the New Literatures in English Book

Imagination and the Creative Impulse in the New Literatures in English

  • Author : Maria Teresa Bindella
  • Publisher : Rodopi
  • Release Date : 1993
  • Genre: Literary Criticism
  • Pages : 297
  • ISBN 10 : 9051833105

Imagination and the Creative Impulse in the New Literatures in English Excerpt :

Imagination and the Creative Impulse in the New Literatures in English brings together the proceedings of a symposium organised by the editors at the University of Trento in 1990. At a time when the study of the post-colonial literatures is gaining more widespread recognition, scholars based mainly at universities in Italy and Germany were invited to address the manner in which writers are giving literary expression to the complexity of contemporary post-colonial and multicultural societies and to consider, from their differing perspectives on the new literatures, central questions of formal experimentation, linguistic innovation, social and political commitment, textual theory and cross-culturality. Focusing on such major writers such as Achebe, Soyinka and Walcott, as well as on lesser-known figures such as Jack Davis, Witi Ihimaera, Rohinton Mistry and Manohar Malgonkar, the contributors take up many themes characteristic of the new literatures: the challenge posed to traditional authority, the expression of national identity, the role of literature in the liberation struggle, modes of literary practice in multicultural societies; the relationship of the new literatures in English to that of the former metropolitan centre; and the complex intertextuality characterizing much of the literary production of post-colonial societies.

George Lucas Book

George Lucas

  • Author : Charles Champlin
  • Publisher : Harry N Abrams Incorporated
  • Release Date : 1997-09
  • Genre: Performing Arts
  • Pages : 248
  • ISBN 10 : UCSC:32106017670669

George Lucas Excerpt :

This revised and updated edition of Charles Champlin's insightful study of George Lucas includes 85 new illustrations and brings the story of this remarkable man and his innovative empire up to the present. 290 illustrations, 130 in full color.

The Creative Impulse Book

The Creative Impulse

  • Author : Dennis J. Sporre
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 1999-11
  • Genre: Uncategoriezed
  • Pages : null
  • ISBN 10 : 0130401048

The Creative Impulse Excerpt :

The Creative Cure Book

The Creative Cure

  • Author : Jacob Nordby
  • Publisher : Hierophant Publishing
  • Release Date : 2021-02-16
  • Genre: Self-Help
  • Pages : 256
  • ISBN 10 : 9781950253050

The Creative Cure Excerpt :

“I’m just not that creative” is a common refrain in today’s society. But according to author and creative coach Jacob Nordby, nothing could be further from the truth. Every human being is creative, and having a regular creative practice is a vital key to a happy and fulfilling life. If we don't exercise our creativity regularly, our lives can feel dull, stagnant, and rote. Many people live this way and believe “this is just the way life is,” without realizing that developing a regular creative practice can be the cure to what ails them. Nordby knows this all too well. By the time he reached his midthirties, he was running a successful mortgage company and lived in a big house with fancy cars. But he felt like he was dying inside. Starting and maintaining a creative practice is what saved his life. Now, in this powerful book, he explains how he traded in his stagnant way of life for one full of meaning and purpose, and offers specific steps to help you build your own creative practice. The Creative Cure is a call for a revolution, fostering change where all change must begin: within. This internal change will allow you to express your own creative gifts, cultivate happiness, and experience the unique feeling of fulfillment that only a creative practice can offer. Packed with powerful, transformative exercises, this book is the medicine you need to find and reinvigorate your creative soul.

The Creative Impulse and Other Stories Book

The Creative Impulse and Other Stories

  • Author : William Somerset Maugham
  • Publisher : Delta Systems Company Incorporated
  • Release Date : 1992
  • Genre: Classical fiction
  • Pages : 84
  • ISBN 10 : 0435272624

The Creative Impulse and Other Stories Excerpt :

This is an Upper Level title in a series of ELT readers comprising a wide range of stories - some original and some simplified - from modern and classic novels, and designed to appeal to all age-groups, tastes and cultures. The books are divided into five levels: Starter Level, with about 300 basic words; Beginner Level (600 basic words); Elementary Level (1100); Intermediate Level (1600); and Upper Level (2200). Some of the titles are also available on cassette.

The Creative Impulse Book

The Creative Impulse

  • Author : Dennis J. Sporre
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 1996
  • Genre: Arts
  • Pages : 648
  • ISBN 10 : 0133490858

The Creative Impulse Excerpt :

Faith in Life Book

Faith in Life

  • Author : Donald J. Morse
  • Publisher : Fordham University Press
  • Release Date : 2019-01-29
  • Genre: Philosophy
  • Pages : 340
  • ISBN 10 : 9780823285204

Faith in Life Excerpt :

This is the first book to consider John Dewey’s early philosophy on its own terms and to explicate its key ideas. It does so through the fullest treatment to date of his youthful masterwork, the Psychology. This fuller treatment reveals that the received view, which sees Dewey’s early philosophy as unimportant in its own right, is deeply mistaken. In fact, Dewey’s early philosophy amounts to an important new form of idealism. More specifically, Dewey’s idealism contains a new logic of rupture, which allows us to achieve four things: • A focus on discontinuity that challenges all naturalistic views, including Dewey’s own later view; • A space of critical resistance to events that is at the same time the source of ideals; • A faith in the development of ideals that challenges pessimists like Schopenhauer and Nietzsche; and • A non-traditional reading of Hegel that invites comparison with cutting-edge Continental philosophers, such as Adorno, Derrida, and Zizek, and even goes beyond them in its systematic approach; In making these discoveries, the author forges a new link between American and European philosophy, showing how they share similar insights and concerns. He also provides an original assessment of Dewey’s relationship to his teacher, George Sylvester Morris, and to other important thinkers of the day, giving us a fresh picture of John Dewey, the man and the philosopher, in the early years of his career. Readers will find a wide range of topics discussed, from Dewey’s early reflections on Kant and Hegel to the nature of beauty, courage, sympathy, hatred, love, and even death and despair. This is a book for anyone interested in the thought of John Dewey, American pragmatism, Continental Philosophy, or a new idealism appearing on the scene.

The Psychology of Artistic Creativity Book

The Psychology of Artistic Creativity

  • Author : Bjarne Sode Funch
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2021-12-29
  • Genre: Psychology
  • Pages : 206
  • ISBN 10 : 9781000528534

The Psychology of Artistic Creativity Excerpt :

This ground-breaking book provides a unique insight into artistic creativity that lays the foundation for a new theory. Through a review of documents such as essays, published interviews, lecture notes, and more, the book uses case studies of six contemporary artists to provide a detailed phenomenological study of artistic creativity. The book offers a narrative account of six contemporary artists and their ways of approaching art-making. Through comprehensive accounts based on the individual artist’s descriptions, the book reveals an existential dimension of art-making that explores the inspirational moment, the state of mind during creativity, how creativity can originate in a spontaneous stream of consciousness, and how emotions play a major role in the creative process. The book sets out a unique understanding of artistic creativity as an alternative to the prevailing cognitive conceptions within psychology. Offering novel insights into how art is created and can influence the human psyche, the book will primarily appeal to academics, scholars, and post-graduate students within the area of creativity research, psychological aesthetics, and the psychology of art, as well as those with an interest in art and artistic work.

A Doctrine of Creative Education Book

A Doctrine of Creative Education

  • Author : Traumear
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date : 2018-12-21
  • Genre: Reference
  • Pages : 218
  • ISBN 10 : 9780244144029

A Doctrine of Creative Education Excerpt :

This is a comprehensive work, setting forth in detail how creative education can operate. Described and observed in practice are the skills of the educator of both children and adults. Emphasis is placed on human nature as inwardly original and outwardly communicable, and on the ability of the teacher to deal with the pupils' disabilities and inabilities as initially transferred to himself. Comparison is drawn with standard and artistic education.

The Creative Self Book

The Creative Self

  • Author : Tamara Bibby
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2017-08-07
  • Genre: Education
  • Pages : 170
  • ISBN 10 : 9781317991649

The Creative Self Excerpt :

The Creative Self engages with the work of the psychoanalyst D.W. Winnicott to develop alternative ways of thinking about key issues at the heart of pedagogy; specifically pedagogic relationships, creativity, defiance and compliance. These issues underpin the desires and defences of professionals located in educational institutions, such as the desire to know what is best, to know how to reach all learners, normalised expectations of behaviours and outcomes, and sometimes challenging engagements with students and the curriculum. Each chapter provides both a theoretical focus and illustrative demonstrations of the ways in which Winnicott’s theories may be relocated and used productively as tools for professional and academic reflexivity. By building extensively on Winnicott’s understanding of the ways in which relationships facilitate (or hinder) the development of the self, this book extends his clinical focus on parental and analytical relationships to think about the ways in which the pedagogic relationship can provide an environment in which people may (or may fail to) develop as learners. This approach provides powerful ways of thinking about pedagogy and pedagogic relationships that stand apart from the cognitive and rationalist tradition. This focus can be used constructively to support people working in educational settings to re-establish a sense of personal and professional autonomy in an environment recently typified by compliance. The Creative Self is an engaging and innovative read appealing to postgraduate students, teachers, researchers and academics with a desire for a new analytic lens through which to explore the educational experiences of both learners and teachers in schools, colleges and universities.

Acting on Impulse  reclaiming the Stanislavski approach Book

Acting on Impulse reclaiming the Stanislavski approach

  • Author : John Gillett
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Release Date : 2007-10-29
  • Genre: Performing Arts
  • Pages : 320
  • ISBN 10 : 9781408147740

Acting on Impulse reclaiming the Stanislavski approach Excerpt :

"A manual full of enabling, easing exercises - it will enable you to analyse any scene. The cry of the actor at sea `I don't know what I'm doing' should, with this book, become a thing of the past' Sam West "I'd recommend this book to anyone wanting an introduction to Stanislavksi or Michael Chekhov or acting in general." Matt Peover, LAMDA trainer and theatre director. "Contains all the important things that need to be said about learning to an extremely logical and sensible manner." Simon Dunmore, Editor Actor's Yearbook An inspiring and technically thorough practical book for actors that sets down a systematic and coherent process for organic (from the `inside-out'/experienced emotion) acting. The author offers a step-by-step, Stanislavski-based approach to text, role and performance to be used in everyday work and gathers together in one volume, the essential tools that serve to recreate human experience. A nuts-and-bolts practical guide with exercises for the actor to work through sequentially. Contains a Foreword by Sam West. John Gillett builds on his experience of teaching at drama school level as well as 30 years of acting. For those acting students and professional actors who have become mystified and frustrated with trying to understand Stanislavski's approach, this book is an accessible guide to inspire a truly real and audience-captivating performance.