Exploitation and Developing Countries Book
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Exploitation and Developing Countries

  • Author : Jennifer S. Hawkins
  • Publisher : Princeton University Press
  • Release Date : 2008-08-04
  • Genre: Medical
  • Pages : 320
  • ISBN 10 : 9781400837328

Exploitation and Developing Countries Excerpt :

When is clinical research in developing countries exploitation? Exploitation is a concept in ordinary moral thought that has not often been analyzed outside the Marxist tradition. Yet it is commonly used to describe interactions that seem morally suspect in some way. A case in point is clinical research sponsored by developed countries and carried out in developing countries, with participants who are poor and sick, and lack education. Such individuals seem vulnerable to abuse. But does this, by itself, make such research exploitative? Exploitation and Developing Countries is an attempt by philosophers and bioethicists to reflect on the meaning of exploitation, to ask whether and when clinical research in developing countries counts as exploitative, and to consider what can be done to minimize the possibility of exploitation in such circumstances. These reflections should interest clinical researchers, since locating the line between appropriate and inappropriate use of subjects--the line between exploitation and fair use--is the central question at the heart of research ethics. Reflection on this rich and important moral concept should also interest normative moral philosophers of a non-Marxist bent. In addition to the editors, the contributors are Richard J. Arneson, Alisa L. Carse, Margaret Olivia Little, Thomas Pogge, Andrew W. Siegel, and Alan Wertheimer.

Between Preservation and Exploitation Book

Between Preservation and Exploitation

  • Author : Kemi Fuentes-George
  • Publisher : MIT Press
  • Release Date : 2016-03-25
  • Genre: Political Science
  • Pages : 344
  • ISBN 10 : 9780262034289

Between Preservation and Exploitation Excerpt :

A study of biodiversity governance analyzes the factors that determine the effectiveness of transnational advocacy networks and the importance of justice claims to conservation. In the late 2000s, ordinary citizens in Jamaica and Mexico demanded that government put a stop to lucrative but environmentally harmful economic development activities—bauxite mining in Jamaica and large-scale tourism and overfishing on the eastern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula. In each case, the catalyst for the campaign was information gathered and disseminated by transnational advocacy networks (TANs) of researchers, academics, and activists. Both campaigns were successful despite opposition from industry supporters. Meanwhile, simultaneous campaigns to manage land in another part of the Yucatán and to conserve migratory birds in Egypt had far less success. In this book, Kemi Fuentes-George uses these four cases to analyze factors that determine the success or failure of efforts by TANs to persuade policymakers and private sector actors in developing countries to change environmental behavior. Fuentes-George argues that in order to influence the design and implementation of policy, TANs must generate a scientific consensus, create social relationships with local actors, and advocate for biodiversity in a way that promotes local environmental justice. Environmentally just policies would allow local populations access to their lands provided they use natural resources sustainably. Justice claims are also more likely to generate needed support among local groups for conservation projects. In their conservation efforts, Jamaica, Mexico, and Egypt were attempting to meet their obligations under the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and other regional agreements. Fuentes-George's innovative analysis shows the importance of local environmental justice for the implementation of international environmental treaties.

Exploitation and Developing Countries Book
Score: 3
From 1 Ratings

Exploitation and Developing Countries

  • Author : Jennifer S. Hawkins
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2010
  • Genre: Uncategoriezed
  • Pages : null
  • ISBN 10 : OCLC:733449098

Exploitation and Developing Countries Excerpt :

Colonial Exploitation and Economic Development Book

Colonial Exploitation and Economic Development

  • Author : Ewout Frankema
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2013
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 296
  • ISBN 10 : 9780415521741

Colonial Exploitation and Economic Development Excerpt :

Since many countries in the world at present were European colonies in the not so distant past, the relationship between colonial institutions and development outcomes is a key topic of study across many disciplines. This edited volume, from a leading international group of scholars, discusses the comparative legacy of colonial rule in the Netherlands Indies and Belgian Congo during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Whereas the Indonesian economy progressed rapidly during the last three decades of the twentieth century and became a self-reliant and assertive world power, the Congo regressed into a state of political chaos and endemic violence. To which extent do the different legacies of Dutch and Belgian rule explain these different development outcomes, if they do at all? By discussing the comparative features and development of Dutch and Belgian rule, the book aims to 1) to contribute to a deeper understanding of the role of colonial institutional legacies in long run patterns of economic divergence in the modern era; 2) to fill in a huge gap in the comparative colonial historical literature, which focuses largely on the comparative evolution of the British, French, Spanish and Portuguese Empires; 3) to add a focused and well-motivated comparative case-study to the increasing strand of literature analyzing the marked differences in economic and political development in Asia and Africa during the postcolonial era. Covering such issues as agriculture, manufacturing and foreign investment, human capital, fiscal policy, labour coercion and mineral resource management, this book offers a highly original and scholarly contribution to the literature on colonial history and development economics.

Globalization and Third World Women Book

Globalization and Third World Women

  • Author : Ligaya Lindio-McGovern
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2016-04-22
  • Genre: Social Science
  • Pages : 228
  • ISBN 10 : 9781317126942

Globalization and Third World Women Excerpt :

Adopting the notion of 'third world' as a political as well as a geographical category, this volume analyzes marginalized women's experiences of globalization. It unravels the intersections of race, culture, ethnicity, nationality and class which have shaped the position of these women in the global political economy, their cultural and their national history. In addition to a thematically structured and highly informative investigation, the authors offer an exploration of the policy implications which are commonly neglected in mainstream literature. The result is a must have volume for sociological academics, social policy experts and professionals working within non-governmental organizations.

Economics of ecosystems management Book

Economics of ecosystems management

  • Author : D.O. Hall
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Release Date : 2012-12-06
  • Genre: Science
  • Pages : 244
  • ISBN 10 : 9789400955028

Economics of ecosystems management Excerpt :

This volume contains selected papers presented at the International Symposium on 'Economics of Eco system Management' held in Halkidiki, Greece from 26 to 30 September 1983. The meeting was designed to consider as much as possible the interaction between the economy and ecology, and in parallel to provide a forum for the presentation of the ecological and developmental initiatives of the Ministry of Youth of Greece. As chairman of the organizing committee I want to express our thanks to OECD, EEC and UNESCO for sponsoring the Symposium. From Greece the Ministries of Culture and Environment are gratefully acknowl edged. Last but not least, I want to express our sincere thanks for the continuous support to the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Greece, and especially to the Minister Mr. Kostas Laliotis because he not only adopted the idea for sponsoring events like this, but also because of his interest which became obvious with his presence and talk during the meeting. The staff of the Ecology Division, namely Drs. M. Arianoutsou and D. Vokou, Messrs. J. Pandis, Th.A. Mardiris, S. Paraskevopoulos and Miss A. Papagianni provided great help concerning the organization, as well as Mrs. A. Karamanli-Vlahopoulou, my secretary, who is always behind these events. N.S. Margaris Contents Preface by N. S. Margaris V List of contributors VIII PART ONE: INTRODUCTION 1. Opening address by G. Schneider ................................................................. .

Scarcity and Frontiers Book

Scarcity and Frontiers

  • Author : Edward B. Barbier
  • Publisher : Cambridge University Press
  • Release Date : 2010-12-23
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : null
  • ISBN 10 : 9781139493468

Scarcity and Frontiers Excerpt :

Throughout much of history, a critical driving force behind global economic development has been the response of society to the scarcity of key natural resources. Increasing scarcity raises the cost of exploiting existing natural resources and creates incentives in all economies to innovate and conserve more of these resources. However, economies have also responded to increasing scarcity by obtaining and developing more of these resources. Since the agricultural transition over 12,000 years ago, this exploitation of new 'frontiers' has often proved to be a pivotal human response to natural resource scarcity. This book provides a fascinating account of the contribution that natural resource exploitation has made to economic development in key eras of world history. This not only fills an important gap in the literature on economic history but also shows how we can draw lessons from these past epochs for attaining sustainable economic development in the world today.

New Cannibal Markets Book

New Cannibal Markets

  • Author : Collectif
  • Publisher : Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l’homme
  • Release Date : 2017-12-19
  • Genre: Social Science
  • Pages : 432
  • ISBN 10 : 9782735122851

New Cannibal Markets Excerpt :

Thanks to recent progress in biotechnology, surrogacy, transplantation of organs and tissues, blood products or stem-cell and gamete banks are now widely used throughout the world. These techniques improve the health and well-being of some human beings using products or functions that come from the body of others. Growth in demand and absence of an appropriate international legal framework have led to the development of a lucrative global trade in which victims are often people living in insecure conditions who have no other ways to survive than to rent or sell part of their body. This growing market, in which parts of the human body are bought and sold with little respect for the human person, displays a kind of dehumanization that looks like a new form of slavery. This book is the result of a collective and multidisciplinary reflection organized by a group of international researchers working in the field of medicine and social sciences. It helps better understand how the emergence of new health industries may contribute to the development of a global medical tourism. It opens new avenues for reflection on technologies that are based on appropriation of parts of the body of others for health purposes, a type of practice that can be metaphorically compared to cannibalism. Are these the fi rst steps towards a proletariat of men- and women-objects considered as a reservoir of products of human origin needed to improve the health or well-being of the better-off? The book raises the issue of the uncontrolled use of medical advances that can sometimes reach the anticipations of dystopian literature and science fiction.

World Social Report 2020 Book

World Social Report 2020

  • Author : Department of Economic and Social Affairs
  • Publisher : United Nations
  • Release Date : 2020-02-14
  • Genre: Social Science
  • Pages : 216
  • ISBN 10 : 9789210043670

World Social Report 2020 Excerpt :

This report examines the links between inequality and other major global trends (or megatrends), with a focus on technological change, climate change, urbanization and international migration. The analysis pays particular attention to poverty and labour market trends, as they mediate the distributional impacts of the major trends selected. It also provides policy recommendations to manage these megatrends in an equitable manner and considers the policy implications, so as to reduce inequalities and support their implementation.

World Economic Situation and Prospects 2020 Book

World Economic Situation and Prospects 2020

  • Author : United Nations
  • Publisher : United Nations
  • Release Date : 2020-01-16
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 236
  • ISBN 10 : 9789213583296

World Economic Situation and Prospects 2020 Excerpt :

This is the United Nations definitive report on the state of the world economy, providing global and regional economic outlook for 2020 and 2021. Produced by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the five United Nations regional commissions, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, with contributions from the UN World Tourism Organization and other intergovernmental agencies.

The Future of Productivity Book

The Future of Productivity

  • Author : OECD
  • Publisher : OECD Publishing
  • Release Date : 2015-12-11
  • Genre: Uncategoriezed
  • Pages : 120
  • ISBN 10 : 9789264248533

The Future of Productivity Excerpt :

This book addresses the rising productivity gap between the global frontier and other firms, and identifies a number of structural impediments constraining business start-ups, knowledge diffusion and resource allocation (such as barriers to up-scaling and relatively high rates of skill mismatch).