Fermented Foods in Health and Disease Prevention Book
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Fermented Foods in Health and Disease Prevention

  • Author : Juana Frías
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Release Date : 2016-09-12
  • Genre: Science
  • Pages : 762
  • ISBN 10 : 9780128025499

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Fermented Foods in Health and Disease Prevention is the first scientific reference that addresses the properties of fermented foods in nutrition by examining their underlying microbiology, the specific characteristics of a wide variety of fermented foods, and their effects in health and disease. The current awareness of the link between diet and health drives growth in the industry, opening new commercial opportunities. Coverage in the book includes the role of microorganisms that are involved in the fermentation of bioactive and potentially toxic compounds, their contribution to health-promoting properties, and the safety of traditional fermented foods. Authored by worldwide scientists and researchers, this book provides the food industry with new insights on the development of value-added fermented foods products, while also presenting nutritionists and dieticians with a useful resource to help them develop strategies to assist in the prevention of disease or to slow its onset and severity. Provides a comprehensive review on current findings in the functional properties and safety of traditional fermented foods and their impact on health and disease prevention Identifies bioactive microorganisms and components in traditional fermented food Includes focused key facts, helpful glossaries, and summary points for each chapter Presents food processors and product developers with opportunities for the development of fermented food products Helps readers develop strategies that will assist in preventing or slowing disease onset and severity

Soy in Health and Disease Prevention Book
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Soy in Health and Disease Prevention

  • Author : Michihiro Sugano
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release Date : 2005-08-29
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
  • Pages : 328
  • ISBN 10 : 9781420026566

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While the western world has only recently become enamored with the soybean, East Asia has been consuming and enjoying the associated health benefits of this versatile proteinaceous legume for centuries. The Japanese in particular have devoted much energy to unraveling the mysteries and revealing the science of this oil-rich bean. The Fuji Foundatio

Yogurt in Health and Disease Prevention Book

Yogurt in Health and Disease Prevention

  • Author : Nagendra P. Shah
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Release Date : 2017-05-26
  • Genre: Medical
  • Pages : 570
  • ISBN 10 : 9780128052723

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Yogurt in Health and Disease Prevention examines the mechanisms by which yogurt, an important source of micro- and macronutrients, impacts human nutrition, overall health, and disease. Topics covered include yogurt consumption’s impact on overall diet quality, allergic disorders, gastrointestinal tract health, bone health, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity, weight control, metabolism, age-related disorders, and cardiovascular health. Modifications to yogurt are also covered in scientific detail, including altering the protein to carbohydrate ratios, adding n-3 fatty acids, phytochemical enhancements, adding whole grains, and supplementing with various micronutrients. Prebiotic, probiotic, and synbiotic yogurt component are also covered to give the reader a comprehensive understanding of the various impacts yogurt and related products can have on human health. Health coverage encompasses nutrition, gastroenterology, endocrinology, immunology, and cardiology Examines novel and unusual yogurts as well as popular and common varieties Covers effects on diet, obesity, and weight control Outlines common additives to yogurts and their respective effects Reviews prebiotics, probiotics, and symbiotic yogurts Includes practical information on how yogurt may be modified to improve its nutritive value

Microbes in the Food Industry Book

Microbes in the Food Industry

  • Author : Navnidhi Chhikara
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release Date : 2023-04-26
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 516
  • ISBN 10 : 9781119776383

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MICROBESMICROBES in the Food Industry This newest volume in the groundbreaking new series, “Bioprocessing in Food Science,” focuses on the latest processes, industrial applications, and leading research on microbes in the food industry, for engineers, scientists, students, and other industry professionals. Microbes in the Food Industry, the latest volume in the series, “Bioprocessing in Food Science,” is focused on different aspects in food microbiology, food science and related subjects for individuals in the food industry, researchers, academics, and students. Microbes are key components of the food processing industry, and this book concentrates on topics that incorporate ideas and applications from various fields to address concerns relating to food safety, quality, and sensory attributes. Researchers around the globe will be able to use this information as a guide in establishing the direction of future research on food processing considering various aspects related to microbes. The main objective of this book is to disseminate knowledge about the recent technologies developed in the field of microbiology and their relation to the food industry. Written in an easy-to-understand style, the chapters gathered here are of interest to people in the industry with a great deal of experience and knowledge but also for students and newly hired professionals in the food industry. Whether for the veteran engineer or scientist, the student, or a manager or other technician working in the field, this volume is a must-have for any library.

Microbes  Fermented foods and Human health Book

Microbes Fermented foods and Human health

  • Author : Dr. Mukta Sharma
  • Publisher : Krishna Publication House
  • Release Date : 2023-06-01
  • Genre: Antiques & Collectibles
  • Pages : null
  • ISBN 10 : 9789390627158

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How Fermented Foods Feed a Healthy Gut Microbiota Book

How Fermented Foods Feed a Healthy Gut Microbiota

  • Author : M. Andrea Azcarate-Peril
  • Publisher : Springer Nature
  • Release Date : 2019-11-28
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 366
  • ISBN 10 : 9783030287375

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This book examines the role of fermented foods on human gut health and offers a unique contribution to this rapidly growing area of study. Fermented foods have been consumed by humans for millennia. This method of food preservation provided early humans with beneficial bacteria that re-populated the gut microbiota upon consumption. However, novel methods of production and conservation of food have led to severed ties between the food that modern humans consume and the gut microbiota. As a consequence, there has been a documented increase in the prevalence of autoimmune diseases and obesity, which has been correlated to decreased diversity of gut microbes, while infectious disorders have decreased in the three past decades. With the intention of providing a thorough overview of the relationship between fermented foods, nutrition, and health, the editors have grouped the chapters into three thematic sections: food and their associated microbes, the oral microbiome, and the gut microbiome. After an introduction dedicated to the environmental microbiome, Part I provides an overview of what is currently known about the microbes associated with different foods, and compares traditional forms of food preparation with current industrial techniques in terms of the potential loss of microbial diversity. The chapters in Part 2 explore the oral microbiota as a microbial gatekeeper and main contributor to the gut microbiota. Part 3 introduces beneficial modulators of the gut microbiome starting with the establishment of a healthy gut microbiota during infancy, and continuing with the role of probiotics and prebiotics in health preservation and the imbalances of the gut microbiota. In the final section the editors offer concluding remarks and provide a view of the future brought by the microbiome research revolution. This study is unique in its emphasis on the convergence of two very relevant fields of research: the field of studies on Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) and fermented foo

Fermented Food Products Book

Fermented Food Products

  • Author : A. Sankaranarayanan
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release Date : 2019-12-06
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 472
  • ISBN 10 : 9781000761092

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Fermented food play an important proactive role in the human diet. In many developing and under developed countries, fermented food is a cheap source of nutrition. Currently, more than 3500 different fermented foods are consumed by humans throughout the world; many are indigenous and produced in small quantities, however, the consumption of many fermented foods has gradually increased. Fermented Food Products presents in-depth insights into various microbes involved in the production of fermented foods throughout the world. It also focuses on recent developments in the fermented food microbiology field along with biochemical changes that are happening during the fermentation process. • Describes various fermented food products, especially indigenous products • Presents health benefits of fermented food products • Explains mechans involved in the production of fermented foods • Discusses molecular tools and its applications and therapeutic uses of fermented foods The book provides a comprehensive account about diversified ethnic fermented food products. Readers will get updated information regarding various types of fermented food products and will learn the effect these fermented food products have on human health.

Nutrition and Functional Foods in Boosting Digestion  Metabolism and Immune Health Book

Nutrition and Functional Foods in Boosting Digestion Metabolism and Immune Health

  • Author : Debasis Bagchi
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Release Date : 2021-12-01
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
  • Pages : 586
  • ISBN 10 : 9780128232194

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Nutrition and Functional Foods in Boosting Digestion, Metabolism and Immune Health explores the role of appropriate nutrition and digestive enzymes in healthy digestion. The book addresses salient gastrointestinal features involved in healthy digestion pathophysiology, including coverage of the enzyme-microbiome connection and linkage, features of indigestion problems, roles of traditional and conventional ethnic foods, structurally diverse digestive enzymes, drugs, nutraceuticals and novel digestive formulations. In addition, the book addresses technological breakthroughs that have led to recent, novel discoveries and outlines nutritional guidelines and recommendations to achieve healthy digestion. This book is a useful resource for nutrition researchers, nutritionists, physicians working in the field of digestive health, pharmacists, food experts, health professionals, nurses and general practitioners, public health officials and those teaching or studying related fields. Provides coverage of digestion, human physiology and the enzyme-microbiome linkage Covers indigestion problems, including gut dysbiosis and its role in chronic disease Addresses traditional and conventional ethic foods Discusses digestive enzymes, as well as digestive drugs, enzymes, nutraceuticals and novel formulations

Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods in Human Health and Disease Prevention Book

Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods in Human Health and Disease Prevention

  • Author : Debasis Bagchi
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release Date : 2015-10-15
  • Genre: Medical
  • Pages : 700
  • ISBN 10 : 9781482237221

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Functional foods and nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and natural antioxidants have established their potential roles in the protection of human health against disease. Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods in Human Health and Disease Prevention examines the benefits, efficacy, and success of properly designed nutraceuticals and functional foods in human health and their possible application in disease prevention. The book demonstrates diverse disease pathophysiology and how nutraceuticals and functional food can be used to combat and prevent disease. The book discusses global food habits and trends, safety and toxicology, and how food addiction or overindulgence of food can lead to a variety of disease states. It then highlights how supplements help in disease prevention. Although a significant number of nutraceuticals and functional foods have demonstrated their efficacy, a large number of supplements are still surviving on false claims. Therefore, the editors underscore risks and benefits, and why government regulatory agencies are so critical of these nutraceutical supplements. With the global nutraceuticals market expected to reach $204.8 billion by 2017, what once seemed a very niche sector has become big business. An overview of nutraceuticals and functional foods and their application in human health, this book exhaustively covers antioxidants, functional foods, and nutraceuticals in human health and disease prevention. With contributions from experts and pioneers, the book gives insight into the role of functional foods in optimal diet and exercise.

Bioactive Compounds in Fermented Foods Book

Bioactive Compounds in Fermented Foods

  • Author : Amit Kumar Rai
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release Date : 2021-11-29
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 414
  • ISBN 10 : 9780429651212

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The volume reviews different types of bioactive components associated with food fermentation and their impact on human health. The diversity of microorganism responsible for the production of different types of fermented foods and beverages includes bacteria, yeasts, and fungi. Biotransformation of food constituent by microorganisms occurs during fermentation processes for the production of fermented food and in the gastrointestinal tract by gut microorganisms. This biotransformation results in production of specific bioactive compounds that are responsible for a wide range of health benefits. The bioactive compounds discussed in this book includes polyphenols, bioactive peptides, fibrinolytic enzymes, gama-amino butyric acids (GABA) exopolysaccharides, probiotic, prebiotic, symbiotic and antinutritional factors. These bioactive compounds are responsible for health benefits such as antioxidant, antihypertension, antimicrobial, cholesterol lowering, anticancer, obesity and antithrombotic properties. Advanced research in the field of food fermentation and their health benefits have resulted in commercialization of some of the fermented foods as functional foods. The traditional fermented foods consumed in different parts of the world and their health benefits are discussed in detail and the book concludes with recent advances in microbial transformation during gut fermentation and their impact on human health. There has been increasing interest among researchers on the proposed title in the last decade and the book brings updated information on research and advances in different types of health benefits exhibited by bioactive compounds in a wide range of fermented foods.

Fermentation and Algal Biotechnologies for the Food  Beverage and Other Bioproduct Industries Book

Fermentation and Algal Biotechnologies for the Food Beverage and Other Bioproduct Industries

  • Author : James Chukwuma Ogbonna
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release Date : 2022-05-11
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 284
  • ISBN 10 : 9781000550887

Download Fermentation and Algal Biotechnologies for the Food Beverage and Other Bioproduct Industries Ebook PDF/EPUB

This book covers a range of important topics on dairy and fermented foods and microalgae biotechnologies for food, beverage and bioproduct industries. The topics range from traditionally fermented African foods, fermentation technologies for large-scale industrial enzyme production to microalgae cultivation and nutraceuticals in Africa, etc. The editors provide detailed information on approaches towards harnessing indigenous bioresources for food and nutrition security, climate change adaptation, industrial enzyme production, environmental remediation and healthcare delivery. The book will be useful reference material for scientists and researchers working in the field of dairy and food biotechnology, fermentation technology, enzyme biotechnology, algal biotechnology and cultivation systems, biofuels and other bioproducts from algal biomass and underutilized and novel African food sources. Emphasizes recent advances in biotechnologies that could ameliorate the high-level global food insecurity through fermentation technologies applicable to traditional African indigenous and underutilized novel foods, algal biotechnology and value-added bioproducts Provides detailed information on how to harness indigenous bioresources including microalgae for food and nutrition security, climate change adaptation, industrial enzyme production, environmental remediation and healthcare delivery Introduces new frontiers in the area of large-scale enzyme production using fermentation biotechnologies and their applications in the food and beverage industries Discusses current biotechnologies applicable in the food, beverage and bioproduct industries James Chukwuma Ogbonna, Ph.D., is a Professor of Microbiology and Biotechnology, and Director, National Biotechnology Development Agency, South East Zonal Biotechnology Centre, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria. Sylvia Uzochukwu, Ph.D., is a Professor of Food Science and Biotechnology, and Director, Biotechnology Centre, Federal Univers

Nutrition  Food and Diet in Ageing and Longevity Book

Nutrition Food and Diet in Ageing and Longevity

  • Author : Suresh I. S. Rattan
  • Publisher : Springer Nature
  • Release Date : 2021-11-04
  • Genre: Family & Relationships
  • Pages : 642
  • ISBN 10 : 9783030830175

Download Nutrition Food and Diet in Ageing and Longevity Ebook PDF/EPUB

This edited volume is a compilation of 30 articles discussing what constitutes food for health and longevity. The aim is to provide up-to-date information, insights, and future tendencies in the ongoing scientific research about nutritional components, food habits and dietary patterns in different cultures. The health-sustaining and health-promoting effects of food are certainly founded in its overall composition of macronutrients and micronutrients. However, the consumption of these nutrients is normally in the form of raw or prepared food from the animal and plant sources. The book is divided into four parts and a conclusion, and successfully convenes the well-established information and knowledge, along with the personal views of a diversified group of researchers and academicians on the multifaceted aspects of nutrition, food and diet. The first part reviews the scientific information about proteins, carbohydrates, fats and oils, micronutrients, pro- and pre-biotics, and hormetins, along with a discussion of the evolutionary principles and constraints about what is optimal food, if any. The second part discusses various kinds of foods and food supplements with respect to their claimed benefits for general health and prevention of some diseases. The third part brings in the cultural aspects, such as what are the principles of healthy eating according to the traditional Chinese and Indian systems, what is the importance of mealing times and daily rhythms, and how different cultures have developed different folk wisdoms for eating for health, longevity and immortality. In the part four, various approaches which are either already in practice or are still in the testing and research phases are discussed and evaluated critically, for example intermittent fasting and calorie restriction, food-based short peptides, senolytics, Ayurvedic compounds, optimal food for old people, and food for the prevention of obesity and other metabolic disorders. The overreaching aim of

New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering Book

New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering

  • Author : Alexandre Gomes Rodrigues
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Release Date : 2020-06-10
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 374
  • ISBN 10 : 9780444643025

Download New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering Ebook PDF/EPUB

New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering: Microbial Biomolecules: Properties, Relevance and Their Translational Applications presents a concise review on microbial biotechnology, along with impacts and recent results from research centers, small companies and large enterprises. The book brings the most relevant information on how we can use resources—in this case from microorganisms—and technology to develop solutions in fields like biofuels, food, cosmetics and medicine. It covers case studies of start-ups in the field and explains how scientists have moved their ideas into profitable bio-based products that are necessary for our current living standards. In addition, the book describes strategic governmental programs designed to exploit biomass in a sustainable way, along with detailed information on research in several high-impact, worldwide laboratories. It gives concrete examples of ongoing research from molecules to methods, such as L-asparaginase, extremophiles, new diagnostics tools and the analytical methods that have raised the quality of the data obtained, thereby boosting the so-called bioeconomy. Comprises a unique source of information on the various applications of microbial biomolecules Provides resourceful material for new ideas and strong rational/application-oriented stories Discusses biotech companies in various areas (biofuel, food, medicine, etc.) who are actively using microbial biomolecules Outlines scientific discoveries and their translation into profitable products Gives an insight perspective of institutional and governmental strategic research programs aiming to preserve, explore and generate benefits from microbial biomolecules

Fermented Beverages Book

Fermented Beverages

  • Author : Alexandru Grumezescu
  • Publisher : Woodhead Publishing
  • Release Date : 2019-03-05
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 673
  • ISBN 10 : 9780128157039

Download Fermented Beverages Ebook PDF/EPUB

Fermented Beverages, Volume Five, the latest release in The Science of Beverages series, examines emerging trends and applications of different fermented beverages, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The book discusses processing techniques and microbiological methods for each classification, their potential health benefits, and overall functional properties. The book provides an excellent resource to broaden the reader’s understanding of different fermented beverages. It is ideal for research and development professionals who are working in the area of new products. Presents research examples to help solve problems and optimize production Provides recent technologies used for quality analysis Includes industry formulations for different beverages to increase productivity and innovation Includes common industry formulations to foster the creation of new products

Indigenous Fermented Foods for the Tropics Book

Indigenous Fermented Foods for the Tropics

  • Author : Oluwafemi Ayodeji Adebo
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Release Date : 2023-01-21
  • Genre: Medical
  • Pages : 640
  • ISBN 10 : 9780323985536

Download Indigenous Fermented Foods for the Tropics Ebook PDF/EPUB

Indigenous Fermented Foods for the Tropics provides insights on fermented foods of the Tropics, particularly Africa, Asia and South America, highlighting key aspects and potential developments for these food products. Sections provide an overview on the production and composition (nutritional, physicochemical, health beneficial and microbiota) of these indigenous fermented foods in the tropics, innovative techniques for investigating the composition of these fermented food products and improvement of the fermentation process to yield better nutritional constituents, health beneficial components and sensory qualities, and safety aspects to be considered in fermented foods. Other sections provide insights into the packaging and marketing of these food products as well as future prospects of fermented foods in the tropics. This book provides new perspectives and recent information to complement existing texts on indigenous fermented foods serving as a valuable reference text for detailed insights into indigenous fermented foods of the tropics. Discusses fermented foods from the Africa, Asia, and South America based on the raw materials used Offers innovative techniques for improving these indigenous products and investigating their composition as well as upgrading traditional technologies used in the production of fermented products Covers the role of technology and innovations in the quest for enhancing quality, and safety of fermented foods as demand for fermented food and beverage products is increased