Handbook of Work Family Integration Book
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Handbook of Work Family Integration

  • Author : Karen Korabik
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Release Date : 2011-04-28
  • Genre: Psychology
  • Pages : 456
  • ISBN 10 : 0080560016

Handbook of Work Family Integration Book Description :

In today's industrialized societies, the majority of parents work full time while caring for and raising their children and managing household upkeep, trying to keep a precarious balance of fulfilling multiple roles as parent, worker, friend, & child. Increasingly demands of the workplace such as early or late hours, travel, commute, relocation, etc. conflict with the needs of being a parent. At the same time, it is through work that people increasingly define their identity and self-worth, and which provides the opportunity for personal growth, interaction with friends and colleagues, and which provides the income and benefits on which the family subsists. The interface between work and family is an area of increasing research, in terms of understanding stress, job burn out, self-esteem, gender roles, parenting behaviors, and how each facet affects the others. The research in this area has been widely scattered in journals in psychology, family studies, business, sociology, health, and economics, and presented in diverse conferences (e.g., APA, SIOP, Academy of Management). It is difficult for experts in the field to keep up with everything they need to know, with the information dispersed. This Handbook will fill this gap by synthesizing theory, research, policy, and workplace practice/organizational policy issues in one place. The book will be useful as a reference for researchers in the area, as a guide to practitioners and policy makers, and as a resource for teaching in both undergraduate and graduate courses.

Handbook of Work Life Integration Among Professionals Book

Handbook of Work Life Integration Among Professionals

  • Author : Debra A. Major
  • Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
  • Release Date : 2013-11-29
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 416
  • ISBN 10 : 9781781009291

Handbook of Work Life Integration Among Professionals Book Description :

This innovative study confronts the similarities and differences in womenês and menês work_life experiences. Individual and organizational solutions to work_family conflict and strategies for work_life enrichment are explored. It will strongly appeal t

The Oxford Handbook of Work and Family Book

The Oxford Handbook of Work and Family

  • Author : Tammy D. Allen
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Release Date : 2016-05-17
  • Genre: Psychology
  • Pages : 688
  • ISBN 10 : 9780199337552

The Oxford Handbook of Work and Family Book Description :

The Oxford Handbook of Work and Family examines contemporary work-family issues from a variety of important viewpoints. By thoroughly examining where the field has been and where it is heading, this important volume offers razor-sharp reviews of long-standing topics and fresh ideas to move work-family research and practice in new and necessary directions. In providing comprehensive, interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and cross-national perspectives, Tammy D. Allen and Lillian T. Eby have assembled a world-class team of scholars and practitioners to offer readers cutting-edge information on this rapidly growing area of scientific inquiry. The Handbook also includes reviews of historically under-studied groups and highlights the important role that technology plays in shaping the work-family interface, the potential contribution of neuroscience to better understanding work-family issues, the ways in which work-family scholarship and practice can be enhanced through theoretical perspectives, and the use of social media to translate important research findings to the public. The Oxford Handbook of Work and Family is a roadmap for moving work-family scholarship forward, while also providing rich descriptive accounts of how major organizations have been able to turn research findings into effective evidence-based policies and practices to help adults better manage both work and family responsibilities.

Work Life Balance in the Modern Workplace Book

Work Life Balance in the Modern Workplace

  • Author : Sarah De Groo
  • Publisher : Kluwer Law International B.V.
  • Release Date : 2017-06-23
  • Genre: Law
  • Pages : 424
  • ISBN 10 : 9789041186485

Work Life Balance in the Modern Workplace Book Description :

The term ‘work-life balance’ refers to the relationship between paid work in all of its various forms and personal life, which includes family but is not limited to it. In addition, gender permeates every aspect of this relationship. This volume brings together a wide range of perspectives from a number of different disciplines, presenting research ndings and their implications for policy at all levels (national, sectoral, enterprise, workplace). Collectively, the contributors seek to close the gap between research and policy with the intent of building a better work-life balance regime for workers across a variety of personal circumstances, needs, and preferences. Among the issues and topics covered are the following: – differences and similarities between men and women and particularly between mothers and fathers in their work choices; – ‘third shift’ work (work at home at night or during weekends); – effect of the extent to which employers perceive management of this process to be a ‘burden’; – employers’ exploitation of the psychological interconnection between masculinity and breadwinning; – organisational culture that is more available for supervisors than for rank and le workers; – weak enforcement mechanisms and token penalties for non-compliance by employers; – trade unions as the best hope for precarious workers to improve work-life balance; – crowd-work (on-demand performance of tasks by persons selected remotely through online platforms from a large pool of potential and generic workers); – an example of how to use work-life balance insights to evaluate the law; – collective self-scheduling; – employers’ duty to accommodate; and – nancial hardship as a serious threat to work-life balance. As it has been shown clearly that work-life con ict is associated with negative health outcomes, exacerbates gender inequalities, and many other concerns, this unusually rich collection of essays will resonate particularly with co

Expanding the Boundaries of Work Family Research Book

Expanding the Boundaries of Work Family Research

  • Author : S. Poelmans
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release Date : 2013-01-02
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 366
  • ISBN 10 : 9781137006004

Expanding the Boundaries of Work Family Research Book Description :

With contributions from thirty authors from fifteen countries, this is a 'white book' for international work-family research and practice. The authors offer a bold look at the future and provide guidelines for future research, focusing on applied, international work-family research.

The Work and Family Handbook Book

The Work and Family Handbook

  • Author : Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2015-11-30
  • Genre: Psychology
  • Pages : 816
  • ISBN 10 : 9781135611194

The Work and Family Handbook Book Description :

The Work and Family Handbook is a comprehensive edited volume, which reviews a wide range of disciplinary perspectives across the social sciences on the study of work-family relationships, theory, and methods. The changing demographics of the labor force has resulted in an expanded awareness and understanding of the intricate relations between work and family dimensions in people's lives. For the first time, the efforts of scholars working in multiple disciplines are organized together to provide a comprehensive overview of the perspectives and methods that have been applied to the study of work and family. In this book, the leading work-family scholars in the fields of social work, psychology, sociology, organizational behavior, human resource management, business, and other disciplines provide chapters that are both accessible and compelling. This book demonstrates how cross-disciplinary comparisons of perspective and method reveal new insights on the needs of working families, the challenges faced by those who study them, and how to formulate policy on their behalf.

Career Management   Work Life Integration Book

Career Management Work Life Integration

  • Author : Brad Harrington
  • Publisher : SAGE
  • Release Date : 2007-05-16
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 248
  • ISBN 10 : 9781452278940

Career Management Work Life Integration Book Description :

Career Management & Work/Life Integration: Using Self-Assessment to Navigate Contemporary Careers is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to managing contemporary careers. Although grounded in theory, the book also provides an extensive set of exercises and activities that can guide career management over the lifespan. Authors Brad Harrington and Douglas T. Hall offer a highly useful self-assessment guide for students and other individuals who want to deal with the challenge of succeeding in a meaningful career while living a happy, well-balanced life.

The Myth of Work Life Balance Book

The Myth of Work Life Balance

  • Author : Richenda Gambles
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release Date : 2006-04-24
  • Genre: Psychology
  • Pages : 111
  • ISBN 10 : STANFORD:36105126894638

The Myth of Work Life Balance Book Description :

The pace of the new century with a global 24-hour market and warp-speed developments in information and communications technology have blurred even further the boundaries between work and personal life. The Myth of Work-Life Balance challenges traditional thinking on balancing work and personal life, exploring innovative possibilities at many levels. The book offers creative solutions for successfully integrating work and life in local, national, and global contexts

Managing Diversity in Today s Workplace  Strategies for Employees and Employers  4 volumes  Book

Managing Diversity in Today s Workplace Strategies for Employees and Employers 4 volumes

  • Author : Michele A. Paludi
  • Publisher : ABC-CLIO
  • Release Date : 2012-04-23
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 1008
  • ISBN 10 : 9780313393181

Managing Diversity in Today s Workplace Strategies for Employees and Employers 4 volumes Book Description :

This four-volume set provides updated empirical research and best practices for understanding and managing workplace diversity in the 21st century, including issues of gender, race, generation, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, and age.

The Oxford Handbook of Gender in Organizations Book

The Oxford Handbook of Gender in Organizations

  • Author : Savita Kumra
  • Publisher : OUP Oxford
  • Release Date : 2014-03-13
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 752
  • ISBN 10 : 9780191632754

The Oxford Handbook of Gender in Organizations Book Description :

The issue of gender in organizations has attracted much attention and debate over a number of years. The focus of examination is inequality of opportunity between the genders and the impact this has on organizations, individual men and women, and society as a whole. It is undoubtedly the case that progress has been made with women participating in organizational life in greater numbers and at more senior levels than has been historically the case, challenging notions that senior and/or influential organizational and political roles remain a masculine domain. The Oxford Handbook of Gender in Organizations is a comprehensive analysis of thinking and research on gender in organizations with original contributions from key international scholars in the field. The Handbook comprises four sections. The first looks at the theoretical roots and potential for theoretical development in respect of the topic of gender in organizations. The second section focuses on leadership and management and the gender issues arising in this field; contributors review the extensive literature and reflect on progress made as well as commenting on hurdles yet to be overcome. The third section considers the gendered nature of careers. Here the focus is on querying traditional approaches to career, surfacing embedded assumptions within traditional approaches, and assessing potential for alternative patterns to evolve, taking into account the nature of women's lives and the changing nature of organizations. In its final section the Handbook examines masculinity in organizations to assess the diversity of masculinities evident within organizations and the challenges posed to those outside the norm. In bringing together a broad range of research and thinking on gender in organizations across a number of disciplines, sub-disciplines, and conceptual perspectives, the Handbook provides a comprehensive view of both contemporary thinking and future research directions.

Handbook of Human Resource Development Book

Handbook of Human Resource Development

  • Author : Neal F. Chalofsky
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release Date : 2014-10-07
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 816
  • ISBN 10 : 9781118839898

Handbook of Human Resource Development Book Description :

Human Resource Development Relies Upon a Strong Educational Foundation In the Handbook of Human Resource Development, Neal Chalofsky, Tonette Rocco, and Michael Lane Morris have compiled a collection of chapters sponsored by the Academy of Human Resource Development to address the fundamental concepts and issues that HR professionals face daily. The chapters are written and supported by professionals who offer a wide range of experience and who represent the industry from varying international and demographic perspectives. Topics addressed form a comprehensive view of the HRD field and answer a number of key questions. Nationally and internationally, how does HRD stand with regard to academic study and research? What is its place in the professional world? What are the philosophies, values, and critical perspectives driving HRD forward? What theories, research initiatives, and other ideas are required to understand HRD and function successfully within this field? As the industry grows, what are the challenges and important issues that professionals expect to face? What hot topics are occupying these professionals now? The Handbook’s insight and guidelines allows students and HR professionals to build a fundamental understanding of HRD as an industry, as a field of research, and for future professional success.

Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology and Work Book
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Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology and Work

  • Author : P. Alex Linley
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
  • Release Date : 2010
  • Genre: Psychology
  • Pages : 343
  • ISBN 10 : 9780195335446

Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology and Work Book Description :

This volume examines what positive psychology offers to our understanding of key issues in working life today. The chapters focus on such topics as strengths, leadership, human resource management, employee engagement, communications, well-being, and work-life balance.

Handbook on Women in Business and Management Book

Handbook on Women in Business and Management

  • Author : D. Bilimoria
  • Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
  • Release Date : 2007
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 392
  • ISBN 10 : 9781847204134

Handbook on Women in Business and Management Book Description :

This very impressive Handbook takes established research topics about women in management and treats them in fresh and novel ways. The chapters are intellectually interesting, sound, and provocative, and meet the editors aspiration to stimulate high quality research on women s experiences in work organizations. I recommend it highly. Jean M. Bartunek, Boston College, US This comprehensive Handbook presents specially commissioned original essays on the societal roles and contexts facing women in business and management, the specific career and work life issues of women in these fields, organizational processes affecting women, and the role of women as leaders in business and management. The essays shed light on the extant structures and practices of society and organizations that constrain or facilitate women s representation, treatment, quality of life, and success. Despite decades of ongoing inquiry and increasing interest, research on women in business and management remains a specialized field without mainstream acceptance within business and management disciplines. The Handbook presents the current state of knowledge about women in business and management and specifies the directions for future research likely to be most constructive for advancing the representation, treatment, quality of life, and success of women who work in these fields. It provides the foundations for improved societal and organizational structures, policies, and relational practices affecting all in business and management. Thus, by enhancing the knowledge base that improves the work and life situations of women, it suggests ways to elevate the societal and organizational systems for all. The Handbook will be an essential reference source for recent advances in research and theory, informing both scholars of organization studies, gender, diversity, and feminism; human resource specialists; and educators of and consultants to business organizations and management.

A Global Perspective on Women in Leadership and Work Family Integration Book

A Global Perspective on Women in Leadership and Work Family Integration

  • Author : Margaret J. Weber
  • Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing
  • Release Date : 2020-01-17
  • Genre: Social Science
  • Pages : 203
  • ISBN 10 : 9781527545830

A Global Perspective on Women in Leadership and Work Family Integration Book Description :

There are countless books on the market that address the personal challenges and institutional barriers that ambitious female leaders face in the United States. This volume furthers the conversation by comparing the experiences of women in leadership with regards to work-life balance from eight different countries around the globe. Collecting stories from women in the United States, Costa Rica, India, Iran, Nigeria, Norway, Sri Lanka, and Uganda, this volume provides insights into the issues women face globally regarding leadership and work-family integration. It offers a variety of perspectives from around the world, and highlights a variety of cultural norms regarding work and family integration.

Handbook of Social Support and the Family Book

Handbook of Social Support and the Family

  • Author : Gregory R. Pierce
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Release Date : 2013-06-29
  • Genre: Psychology
  • Pages : 573
  • ISBN 10 : 9781489913883

Handbook of Social Support and the Family Book Description :

While insights sometimes are slow in coming, they often seem obvious when they finally arrive. This handbook is an outcome of the insight that the topics of social support and the family are very closely linked. Obvious as this might seem, the fact remains that the literatures dealing with social support and the family have been deceptively separate and distinct. For example, work on social support began in the 1970s with the accumulation of evidence that social ties and social integration play important roles in health and personal adjustment. Even though family members are often the key social supporters of individuals, relatively little re search of social support was targeted on family interactions as a path to specifying supporter processes. It is now recognized that one of the most important features of the family is its role in providing the individual with a source of support and acceptance. Fortunately, in recen t years, the distinctness and separateness of the fields of social support and the family have blurred. This handbook provides the first collation and integration of social support and family research. This integration calls for specifying processes (such as the cognitions associated with poor support availability and unrewarding faIllily constellations) and factors (such as cultural differences in family life and support provision) that are pertinent to integration.