The Floating Girls Book
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The Floating Girls

  • Author : Lo Patrick
  • Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
  • Release Date : 2022-07-12
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages : 384
  • ISBN 10 : 9781728248769

The Floating Girls Excerpt :

For readers of Delia Owens's Where the Crawdads Sing and Louise Erdrich's The Round House, comes a fresh new voice in Southern fiction. A wonderfully atmospheric coming-of-age family drama told from the perspective of a feisty 12-year-old girl—reminiscent of a modern-day Scout Finch—as she unravels the secrets that threaten her entire family. The backwaters of Georgia hold many buried secrets. But they won't stay buried forever. One hot, sticky summer in Bledsoe, Georgia, twelve-year-old Kay Whitaker stumbles across a stilt house in a neighboring marsh and upon Andy Webber, a boy about her age. He and his father have recently moved back to Georgia from California, and rumors of the suspicious drowning death of Andy's mother years earlier have chased them there and back. Kay is fascinated and enamored with Andy, and she doesn't listen when her father tells her to stay away from the Webbers. But when Kay's sister goes missing, the mystery of Mrs. Webber's death—and Kay's parents' potential role in it—comes to light. Kay and her brothers must navigate the layers of secrets that emerge in the course of the investigation as their family, and the world as they knew it, unravels around them. At once wickedly funny and heartbreaking, it is an immersive coming-of-age story narrated by a feisty, smart, yet undeniably vulnerable girl reminiscent of a modern-day Scout Finch—a character who will live in readers' hearts for a long time to come. Praise for The Floating Girls: "A powerhouse of a Southern novel. At once a poignant coming-of-age tale, a murder mystery, and an evocative tribute to the marshlands of Georgia. Lo Patrick is a standout new Southern voice." —Andrea Bobotis, author of The Last List of Miss Judith Kratt "Kay is the smartest, funniest, most curious young narrator I have come across in some time. Her voice stuck with me long after I finished reading. If I met Kay on the street, I'd beg her to be my best friend." —Tiffany Quay Tyson, award-winning

The Floating Girl Book

The Floating Girl

  • Author : Sujata Massey
  • Publisher : Harper Collins
  • Release Date : 2001-07-03
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages : 374
  • ISBN 10 : 9780061097355

The Floating Girl Excerpt :

Anticipating a successful interview with a hot new comic book artist, columnist Rei Shimura turns sleuth when the artist goes missing and the artist's best friend turns up dead, in a mystery that takes Shimura from the world of Tokyo strip bars to frenzied animation conventions. Reprint.

Floating Boy and the Girl Who Couldn t Fly Book
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Floating Boy and the Girl Who Couldn t Fly

  • Author : P. T. Jones
  • Publisher : Chizine Publications
  • Release Date : 2014
  • Genre: Juvenile Fiction
  • Pages : 280
  • ISBN 10 : 1771481730

Floating Boy and the Girl Who Couldn t Fly Excerpt :

Mary goes in search of the Floating Boy when other kids in her hometown begin to float, but when her brother is captured by the guardian of the Floating Boy, she comes head-to-head with an evil scientist while battling her own inner demons.

The Floating Book Book
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The Floating Book

  • Author : Michelle Lovric
  • Publisher : A&C Black
  • Release Date : 2013-06-03
  • Genre: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 448
  • ISBN 10 : 9781408842843

The Floating Book Excerpt :

Venice, 1468. Sosia Simeon, a free-spirited sensualist, is the lover of many men in the fabled city, though married to one she despises. On the edge of the Grand Canal, Wendelin von Speyer sets up the first printing press in Venice and looks for the book that will make his fortune. When he tempts fate by publishing Catullus, the poet whose desperate and unrequited love inspired the most tender and erotic poems of antiquity, a scandal is set in motion that will change all their lives forever.

Wilder Girls Book
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Wilder Girls

  • Author : Rory Power
  • Publisher : Delacorte Press
  • Release Date : 2019-07-09
  • Genre: Young Adult Fiction
  • Pages : 368
  • ISBN 10 : 9780525645603

Wilder Girls Excerpt :

A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! "The perfect kind of story for our current era."—Hypable From the author of Burn Our Bodies Down, a feminist Lord of the Flies about three best friends living in quarantine at their island boarding school, and the lengths they go to uncover the truth of their confinement when one disappears. This fresh debut is a mind-bending novel unlike anything you've read before. It's been eighteen months since the Raxter School for Girls was put under quarantine. Since the Tox hit and pulled Hetty's life out from under her. It started slow. First the teachers died one by one. Then it began to infect the students, turning their bodies strange and foreign. Now, cut off from the rest of the world and left to fend for themselves on their island home, the girls don't dare wander outside the school's fence, where the Tox has made the woods wild and dangerous. They wait for the cure they were promised as the Tox seeps into everything. But when Byatt goes missing, Hetty will do anything to find her, even if it means breaking quarantine and braving the horrors that lie beyond the fence. And when she does, Hetty learns that there's more to their story, to their life at Raxter, than she could have ever thought true. And don't miss Rory Power's second novel, Burn Our Bodies Down! Praise for Wilder Girls: 4 STARRED REVIEWS! "Take Annihilation, add a dash of Contagion, set it at an all-girls' academy, and you'll arrive at Rory Power's occasionally shocking and always gripping Wilder Girls."--Refinery29 "This thrilling sure to be one of the season's most talked-about books, in any genre."--EW "Fresh and horrible and beautiful....readers will be consumed and altered by Wilder Girls."--NPR

The Floating Girl Book

The Floating Girl

  • Author : Sujata Massey
  • Publisher : Turtleback
  • Release Date : 2001-07-01
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages : 384
  • ISBN 10 : 0613338065

The Floating Girl Excerpt :

Anticipating a successful interview with a hot new comic book artist, columnist Rei Shimura turns sleuth when the artist goes missing and the artist's best friend turns up dead.

Imaginary Girls Book
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Imaginary Girls

  • Author : Nova Ren Suma
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Release Date : 2011-06-14
  • Genre: Young Adult Fiction
  • Pages : 304
  • ISBN 10 : 9781101516133

Imaginary Girls Excerpt :

Chloe's older sister, Ruby, is the girl everyone looks to and longs for, who can't be captured or caged. When a night with Ruby's friends goes horribly wrong and Chloe discovers the dead body of her classmate London Hayes left floating in the reservoir, Chloe is sent away from town and away from Ruby. But Ruby will do anything to get her sister back, and when Chloe returns to town two years later, deadly surprises await. As Chloe flirts with the truth that Ruby has hidden deeply away, the fragile line between life and death is redrawn by the complex bonds of sisterhood. With palpable drama and delicious craft, Nova Ren Suma bursts onto the YA scene with the story that everyone will be talking about.

The Girl in the Road Book
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The Girl in the Road

  • Author : Monica Byrne
  • Publisher : Crown Publishing Group (NY)
  • Release Date : 2015
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages : 338
  • ISBN 10 : 9780804138864

The Girl in the Road Excerpt :

Waking up in a futuristic Mumbai with five snake bites, Meena is compelled to return to her native Ethiopia by way of a forbidden path spanning the Arabian Sea; while a girl from a different time, Mariama, flees a traumatic experience to Ethiopia in search of a better life. 80,000 first printing.

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea Book
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The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea

  • Author : Axie Oh
  • Publisher : Feiwel & Friends
  • Release Date : 2022-02-22
  • Genre: Young Adult Fiction
  • Pages : 336
  • ISBN 10 : 9781250780874

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea Excerpt :

A New York Times Bestseller! Axie Oh's The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea is an enthralling feminist retelling of the classic Korean folktale "The Tale of Shim Cheong," perfect for fans of Wintersong, Uprooted, and Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. Deadly storms have ravaged Mina’s homeland for generations. Floods sweep away entire villages, while bloody wars are waged over the few remaining resources. Her people believe the Sea God, once their protector, now curses them with death and despair. In an attempt to appease him, each year a beautiful maiden is thrown into the sea to serve as the Sea God’s bride, in the hopes that one day the “true bride” will be chosen and end the suffering. Many believe that Shim Cheong, the most beautiful girl in the village—and the beloved of Mina’s older brother Joon—may be the legendary true bride. But on the night Cheong is to be sacrificed, Joon follows Cheong out to sea, even knowing that to interfere is a death sentence. To save her brother, Mina throws herself into the water in Cheong’s stead. Swept away to the Spirit Realm, a magical city of lesser gods and mythical beasts, Mina seeks out the Sea God, only to find him caught in an enchanted sleep. With the help of a mysterious young man named Shin—as well as a motley crew of demons, gods and spirits—Mina sets out to wake the Sea God and bring an end to the killer storms once and for all. But she doesn’t have much time: A human cannot live long in the land of the spirits. And there are those who would do anything to keep the Sea God from waking... Praise for The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea: An ABA Indie Bestseller "On every page I found something marvelous and new, and I was eager to keep reading because I wanted to further explore this wondrous new world." —The New York Times "A beautiful, mesmerizing retelling I wish I’d had when I was growing up. ... A heartfelt tale that I will be recommending for years to come." —Elizabeth Lim, New York Times-bestsel

How It Feels to Float Book
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How It Feels to Float

  • Author : Helena Fox
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Release Date : 2019-05-07
  • Genre: Young Adult Fiction
  • Pages : 384
  • ISBN 10 : 9780525554356

How It Feels to Float Excerpt :

A Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year A Chicago Public Library Best of the Best of the Year "Profoundly moving . . . Will take your breath away." --Kathleen Glasgow, author of Girl in Pieces A stunningly gorgeous and deeply hopeful portrayal of living with mental illness and grief, from an exceptional new voice. Biz knows how to float. She has her people, her posse, her mom and the twins. She has Grace. And she has her dad, who tells her about the little kid she was, and who shouldn't be here but is. So Biz doesn't tell anyone anything. Not about her dark, runaway thoughts, not about kissing Grace or noticing Jasper, the new boy. And she doesn't tell anyone about her dad. Because her dad died when she was seven. And Biz knows how to float, right there on the surface--normal okay regular fine. But after what happens on the beach--first in the ocean, and then in the sand--the tethers that hold Biz steady come undone. Dad disappears and, with him, all comfort. It might be easier, better, sweeter to float all the way away? Or maybe stay a little longer, find her father, bring him back to her. Or maybe--maybe maybe maybe--there's a third way Biz just can't see yet. Debut author Helena Fox tells a story about love and grief, about inter-generational mental illness, and how living with it is both a bridge to someone loved and lost and, also, a chasm. She explores the hard and beautiful places loss can take us, and honors those who hold us tightly when the current wants to tug us out to sea. "Give this to all your...friends immediately." "I haven't been so dazzled by a YA in ages." --Jandy Nelson, author of I'll Give You the Sun (via SLJ) "Mesmerizing and timely." --Bustle "Nothing short of exquisite." --PopSugar "Immensely satisfying" --Girls' Life * "Lyrical and profoundly affecting." --Kirkus (starred review) * "Masterful...Just beautiful." --Booklist (starred review) * "Intimate...Unexpected." --PW (starred review) * "Fox writes with superb understan

Cry Your Way Home Book
Score: 3.5
From 11 Ratings

Cry Your Way Home

  • Author : Damien Angelica Walters
  • Publisher : Apex Publications
  • Release Date : 2017-09-28
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages : 240
  • ISBN 10 : 978186723xxxx

Cry Your Way Home Excerpt :

"Once upon a time there was a monster. This is how they tell you the story starts. This is a lie." Sometimes things are not what they appear to be. DNA doesn't define us, gravity doesn't hold us, a home doesn't mean we belong. From circus tents to space stations, Damien Angelica Walters creates stories that are both achingly familiar and chillingly surreal. Within her second short story collection, she questions who the real monsters are, rips families apart and stitches them back together, and turns a cell phone into the sharpest of weapons. Cry Your Way Home brings together seventeen stories that delve deep into human sorrow and loss, weaving pain, fear, and resilience into beautiful tales that are sure to haunt you long after you turn the last page. "Once upon a time there was a girl ..." Featuring the following works: "Tooth, Tongue, and Claw" "Deep Within the Marrow, Hidden in My Smile" "On the Other Side of the Door, Everything Changes" "This Is the Way I Die" "The Hands That Hold, the Lies That Bind" "Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys: The Elephant's Tale" "The Judas Child" "S Is for Soliloquy" "The Floating Girls: A Documentary" "Take a Walk in the Night, My Love" "Falling Under, Through the Dark" "The Serial Killer's Astronaut Daughter" "Umbilicus" "A Lie You Give, and Thus I Take" "Little Girl Blue, Come Cry Your Way Home" "Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice" "In the Spaces Where You Once Lived"

Lives of Girls and Women Book
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Lives of Girls and Women

  • Author : Alice Munro
  • Publisher : Vintage
  • Release Date : 2011-12-21
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages : 288
  • ISBN 10 : 9780307814555

Lives of Girls and Women Excerpt :

WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE® IN LITERATURE 2013 The only novel from Alice Munro-award-winning author of The Love of a Good Woman--is an insightful, honest book, "autobiographical in form but not in fact," that chronicles a young girl's growing up in rural Ontario in the 1940's. Del Jordan lives out at the end of the Flats Road on her father's fox farm, where her most frequent companions are an eccentric bachelor family friend and her rough younger brother. When she begins spending more time in town, she is surrounded by women-her mother, an agnostic, opinionted woman who sells encyclopedias to local farmers; her mother's boarder, the lusty Fern Dogherty; and her best friend, Naomi, with whom she shares the frustrations and unbridled glee of adolescence. Through these unwitting mentors and in her own encounters with sex, birth, and death, Del explores the dark and bright sides of womanhood. All along she remains a wise, witty observer and recorder of truths in small-town life. The result is a powerful, moving, and humorous demonstration of Alice Munro's unparalleled awareness of the lives of girls and women.

Where Good Girls Go to Die Book

Where Good Girls Go to Die

  • Author : Holly Renee
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2017-04-13
  • Genre: Man-woman relationships
  • Pages : 294
  • ISBN 10 : 1545029431

Where Good Girls Go to Die Excerpt :

It was a bad idea from the beginning.He was my brother's best friend and the definition of unavailable.But I didn't care.I had loved him for as long as I could remember.He was worth the risk. He was worth everything.But then he broke my heart as easily as I fell for him. He watched me fall, spiraling out of control, and as I reached for him, he wasn't there to catch me.So I ran.Four years later, I never expected to see him again.He was still my brother's best friend, and he was more unavailable than ever.He looked every bit the bad boy I knew he was, covered in tattoos and a crooked smile.Guarding my heart from him was top priority because Parker James was where good girls go to die.Unfortunately for him, I wasn't a good girl anymore.

Girl on a Float Book

Girl on a Float

  • Author : Brian Bedard
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2020-03-05
  • Genre: Uncategoriezed
  • Pages : null
  • ISBN 10 : 1946163147

Girl on a Float Excerpt :

The book is actually a gradual accumulation, over a period of about ten years, of individual stories with a shared setting and recurring conflicts, most of which involve civilization and nature in some kind of revealing interaction. What I wanted to reveal is the South Dakota experience as it takes shape in a variety of dramatic situations. That experience invariably involves the challenges of living in a wild space-the Northern Plains-which tests people's physical strength and their practical wits within a raw and unpredictable climate. In this environment, you simply cannot ignore the natural world as a reminder and a teacher. The wind, for example, won't let you. I know there are people in the critical establishment who would argue that Nature can't really teach us anything any more; science and technology separate us; we are not governed by Nature's rules or values; we know more. I simply disagree, especially when it comes to a place like the Northern Plains. For me the greatness of South Dakota is that its population is in no way pretentious or presumptuous. These are flesh and blood human beings. Themes: They have the necessary virtues-patience, courage, creativity, loyalty to the land, responsibility, discipline, and independence. There is an intrinsic honesty in their culture, which I find refreshing and hopeful. They have heart, they have humility, they have faith. And they get it from having to respect and pay attention to the physical world, their dwelling place. But the goal of these stories is not Humans against Nature; it is Humans negotiating with Nature. South Dakota images and stories contain an integrity I respect and treasure. The stories are really a celebration of that wholeness; they help me preserve the beauty in memory. A chemistry of place, if you will, that I want to preserve in words. I think I have achieved this macro image with the 15 stories as a group. Three of these stories-Curse off the Corn Borer, The Fallen, and Arrow in the Neck-

Girls Can Do Anything  Book

Girls Can Do Anything

  • Author : Caryl Hart
  • Publisher : Scholastic UK
  • Release Date : 2018-08-02
  • Genre: Uncategoriezed
  • Pages : 32
  • ISBN 10 : 9781407191218

Girls Can Do Anything Excerpt :

Do you want to climb a mountain? Drive a fire engine? Become prime minister? Join the girls in the pages of this book to see the incredible things they do every day and find out what you might like to do, too! A picture book for every girl with a dream.